Billionaires Dumping Stocks handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . ....

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BitGold hits $8 per share

In BitGold's short trading history, of just 5 days on the TSX Venture, the internet platform for acquiring, holding, and making payments in gold, has...

Top 10 Challengers select Edgewater Wireless Systems in May's Stock Challenge

Edgewater Wireless Systems (YFI:TSXV) has gone parabolic and taken over May's Stock Challenge in the process. The tech stock traded an incredible 10...

Junior Mining Buyout Clues

Dear member, On May 6th, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen shot an arrow across the bow of the US bull market by stating, "I would highlight that...

Record Price Paid for Picasso Says A Lot About Stock Market

US consumer sentiment dipped this month, sparking buzz on Wall Street that the economy may be teetering. However, there is much debate about the...

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Fireworks Coming for Gold & Silver Markets

Andy Hoffman & Chris Duane discuss weak economic data in the US economy.

Hoffman comments that:

"We are in a new paradiagm where every single aspect of the financial and economic world is manipulated from data to markets to the media."

Duane weighs in on manipulation in the gold markets, commenting:

"Since the 2008 financial crisis the world's central banks have added $57 trillion dollars of more debt on top of the toxic debt that almost blew up the world in 2008."

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