A World Currency is Born

Dear member,In what is being dubbed as one of the 'final steps toward a one world currency' China's renminbi will be initiated into the IMF's basket...

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Why Gold's Bull Run Has 18 Months Left

Dear member, We confirmed the renewed gold bull market in the first week of March (3 Reasons Gold Bull is Back) by stating: "The secular gold bull...

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TSX Venture continues epic rally into August

If you know one person holding a gold-related stock on the TSX Venture, they are likely up a lot of money this summer... The TSX Venture refuses to...

Why North Americans May Soon Be Eating Insects

Dear member, It started with GMO crops in 1994, which are now found in every grocery store we visit - some may be on your table right now. Then it...

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Has the TSX Venture been Revitalized?

This morning, John McCoach, the President of the TSX Venture exchange emailed me, and many others to let us know he will be retiring shortly from his...

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U.S. Productivity Declines for 3rd Consecutive Quarter

Peter Schiff discusses the U.S. economy's drop in productivity, which has now declined for 3 consecutive quarters - its longest streak since the 1970s.

Schiff's message is simple: you can't get higher wages without higher productivity.

And that, "That is where higher wages come from."

Schiff talks about failed government policies and proposals to raise the minimum wage against a headwind of declining productivity.


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