Time to Enter June's Stock Challenge

Time for you to enter June's Stock Challenge - the longest-running online stock pickers contest in the country... Here's how it works: Pinnacle's...

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POET Technologies | Photonics key to Lab to Fab Transition

POET Technologies (PTK:TSXV) has once again broken down below its 50 day moving average. The technicals for the tech company's stock look bad at the...

How The US Crushed Canada's Energy Industry

Dear member, Canada has officially lost another leg in the intensely competitive race to export natural gas to Europe - the world's largest market...

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The making of a Junior Gold Buyout: the Kaminak Story

Every junior gold investor has one thing or reason for investing in the back of their minds: the buyout. The discovery comes first, but then, as new...

Secular Gold Bull Market: Part II

On March 4th, I declared the secular gold bull market had resumed. Below is a short excerpt from my analysis at the time: "Gold resumes secular bull...

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Gold is collapsing because of the Fed

Peter Schiff explains why the market has it wrong and what will happen if the Fed raises rates when it meets in June.
Schiff explains, "these rate hikes are too little too late; everybody knows that the Fed is ending its tightening cycle, whether it makes one more quarter-point hike or not is immaterial, because by the end of the year they're going to have to take all this stuff back, they're going to be cutting rates, they're going to be doing QE4..." 

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