Some TSX Venture Context

Don’t look now, but the TSX Venture has been among the best performing stock markets in the world... during the past three days. Putting together...

China dumps U.S. Dollars to support Yuan

Earlier this morning Bloomberg published a story many of us have been waiting for for years at Pinnacle Digest. In yet another strategic move, and a...

U.S. State-Controlled Media Summoned to Calm the Storm?

Good Morning America, the talk show that covers cute kitten stories and The Bachelorette, oddly had a Special Report this morning in the middle of...

China Puts The Fed In Check

Dear member, August 2015 will be remembered in history when China put the Federal Reserve, and America, in check. It will also mark the global...

Keek takes over August Stock Challenge

Keek (KEK:TSXV) is putting together one of the most epic rallies on the TSX Venture in 2015. After being among the worst performers on the TSX...

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Chinese and U.S. Markets Crashing for Same Reason (The Fed)

Peter Schiff was recently interviewed by NewsMax Now who spoke to the asset manager about the global market turmoil in recent weeks.

Schiff believes that Chinese and U.S. markets are crashing for the same reason and that the Fed, as usual, is behind it all.

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