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As a huge supporter of Pinnacle Digest and what the site represents, I am glad to have my own blog within the community. Investing can be fun and educational at the same time; something that you get better at with practice and from listening to the experienced. I hope my thoughts can be of help in your trading ventures and please feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Sincere wishes of health and happiness,

Aaron Hoddinott
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Dear member,

From rare earths to the world's highest grade copper deposits to untapped oil fields Africa is ripe with opportunity in the natural resource sector. Over 50% of the world's platinum and palladium production comes from the continent (primarily South Africa) and roughly one-third of the world's gold production. Unfortunately, aside from a handful of nations within the continent, this is no place for North American junior resource companies to operate. For the most part, North American companies are no longer welcome in Africa.

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