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As a huge supporter of Pinnacle Digest and what the site represents, I am glad to have my own blog within the community. Investing can be fun and educational at the same time; something that you get better at with practice and from listening to the experienced. I hope my thoughts can be of help in your trading ventures and please feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Sincere wishes of health and happiness,

Aaron Hoddinott
Managing Director

In his twenties, Cecil Rhodes was just another ambitious, yet somewhat lost, British entrepreneur in the late-19th century looking to capitalize on the newly discovered mineral wealthof the colonies of South Africa. Rhodes was a greedy man, and his appetite for influence and power was insatiable, only growing with age. He was a staunch imperialist looking to control South Africa as if it were just one big chess board – sneakily manipulating those in leadership roles to get what he wanted, and the hell with everyone else.

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