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“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” - Frank Borman, NASA Astronaut

Far too often, small and micro-cap investors commit their hard-earned money based on uneducated guesses… darts in the dark.


What is Pinnacle Digest?


Pinnacle Digest ("PD") was established as an online financial newsletter for speculators and small cap investors over a decade ago. To consistently bring its readers industry leading coverage on the Canadian small and micro-cap market, PD has built relationships with some of North America's leaders in the space… from innovative CEOs to award winning geologists, tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and money managers, Pinnacle has leveraged its relationships to bring its readers unparalleled coverage.

We believe that elite speculative coverage requires 'boots on the ground knowledge' to truly understand the opportunities and challenges emerging companies face in their growth cycle. Having travelled around the globe, from Chile to the Yukon, Israel, Romania, Nicaragua, Japan, Europe and Silicon Valley, Pinnacle’s financial coverage provides worldly and operational context. 

Pinnacle Digest s travelled far and wide to bring you the best small cap coverage in the industry


Perspective from Experience

We contend that industry headlines dictate the direction and valuations of micro caps as much as fundamental company development.

As a subscriber to Pinnacle Digest’s weekly email newsletter, you’ll receive exclusive  investor information focused on Canada's small and micro-cap market. It’s not your typical investment content provided by the mainstream media as we cover topics they often ignore...  

Virtually every piece of content we publish has a small or micro-cap slant to it. No matter how global the issue at hand, we connect it to the impact on small, publicly traded companies here in Canada. Here's an example: The World's Next Battleground - Junior Miners Get Out  

Additionally, the PD email newsletter provides a range of biased, comprehensive reports on small or micro-cap investment opportunities within the energy, technology, mining and biotech sectors. These are known as our Featured Companies. If you opt in via any of our registration forms on this site, you will become a subscriber to our free newsletter and can see exactly what it is all about. If at any time you are not satisfied with our newsletter, opt out, no questions asked. There is an unsubscribe option in every email we send to our subscribers. You can also unsubscribe by emailing us at support (at) pinnacledigest.com, subject, unsubscribe.

Emerging Canadian Investment Trends

Since inception, PD's focus has been on high risk investment opportunities in the development or exploratory stages. Our passion for the Canadian small and micro-cap market (consisting of companies on the TSX, TSX Venture and CSE) has encouraged us to track trends that very few, if any, publications follow. For example: The Best Time to Buy the TSX Venture is Now

Our coverage often focuses on commodities, potentially disruptive technology, monetary policy and geopolitics. We believe that each one of these topics are key drivers behind the ebbs and flows of small and micro-cap stocks. The research provided in our newsletter is backed with historical statistics and a consistent contrarian view. Here's one for you: That’s All She Wrote for Canadian Oil

"Active small-cap investors will lose money, on many occassions. These speculative types of investments are most certainly not for everyone. However, once you’ve had your first 10-bagger, you’re hooked on small-caps."

- Aaron Hoddinott, Managing Director of Pinnacle Digest

Before The Street

Pinnacle Digest takes a generalist approach to the market, and when deciding which companies to work with and cover in our newsletter.  

With a slight bias toward disruptive technology and natural resource opportunities, the primary goal of Pinnacle Digest is to get ahead of stories and investment opportunities before ‘The Street’.

Whether it's a large gold discovery in Timmins, Ontario, or the potential investing impacts of technological singularity, PD aims to cover stories that could redefine regions; and we speculate, based on these types of developments, how small and micro-cap investors may capitalize.  

It is important to understand that Pinnacle Digest focuses on high-risk investment opportunities in its newsletter and on this website. If you’re not prepared to potentially lose the money you have invested, these opportunities just aren’t for you. The small and micro-cap market (the focus of Pinnacle Digest) is merely an arena for calculated gambles.  

Investors should use our reports and weekly newsletter as a starting point to do additional, independent research. Education is key when investing, particularly in the small and micro-cap market. Pinnacle Digest and its authors are not registered broker-dealers or financial advisors. Before investing in any securities, you should consult with your financial advisor and a registered broker-dealer.

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