While America fiddles the Dollar Burns

Unfortunately until we own our currency the fed (An International cartel)
will continue to have us all by the shorts. We need to dispense with this nonsense
and return ownership of the American dollar and business to the common man. By
the time the average teenager is my age he/she will have acquired 30K per year
of debt under the present monetary system and potentially more if our financial
pusher decides to charge more for his product.

Even under this present system if you want to restore confidence in the dollar,
restore faith in the economy. How you might ask? Well one way is to stop the
bailouts especially for the company's that have been proven untrustworthy
with our I mean the F.R.B’s money. Give that money to the American people so
that they can pay their bills, house notes credit cards and student loans. This
will give the economy the shot in the arm that is needed, credit can be
restored and people will be able to develop surpluses and residual income which
would restore faith in the buying power of the dollar. Which is a catch 22
because we would be then supporting the product of our economic pimp.
But who better to trust the budget of America too then single parents and home makers, shop keepers and small business owners, making ends meet with almost nothing. A well placed tax incentive would do a lot more for the economy and the dollar, than a week end retreat for fat nasty cigar smoking executive chasing Carmelita around some pool in the Virgin Islands. For the power of the dollar you have to
give the power to the people.