Golden Predator GPD.TSX announces great drilling results

I and others have recommended this company, especially at the recent lower price level. In my humble opinion THIS IS DEFINITELY A MINE, IT WILL BE IN PRODUCTION. Today's news release is further proof of that. The good news is I hold it in my TFSA. The bad news is, I should have accumulated more. My Pinnacle friend southpen,a month or so back started a gold stocks forum and asked for my opinion and I solicited newer member scottiepimps who knows a heck of a lot about this company and helped keep the faith for the GPD believers.Once again, I seek safe harbour regarding my opinions as a non expert.

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Silver Predator is nice.  Golden Predator owns 17% of Silver Predator so you gain exposure through GPD, though indirectly.

RVM still my favorite silver play - I hold a small position.  Silver in itself is already too speculative for me, dont need the additional risk by playing speculative explorers but thats just me.  Like oil, I prefer to play this via ETF but if I had to choose a stocks they would be RVM, SLW and maybe AXR/AXU. I am waiting for sub $30 silver to load up on more RVM.  

Re: Golden Predator GPD.TSX announces great drilli ...

Atleast you have some Frank.I like the company,think it has a great future  and intend to buy in ,in the summer but at the moment I'm only convinced that silver is the PM  of choice. What do you think of Silver Predator.?  Good property and low share structure. US Silver is waking up !