Is History Repeating Itself at Diversified Secure Ventures? SRWY Pinks

I recently made a small purchase and sold at a small profit, As luck would have it I exited a day or two too early at .035  as this stock has recently  moved from under a penny and almost touched 10 cents today. ED Minema, a guy familiar to us older Pinnacle members, took on the Presidency a little over a year back  and the stock zoomed. At that time Ed told us that the short sellers got squeezed. Is it happening again?? I called Ed but he is unable to comment. The company is going GREEN not only in the recent spike but in a reverse take over which will include a one for ten reverse split, but even so the share float will remain small and the shares are tightly held. In my opinion what we have is a shell company. The new company GO Green Tech. will add value,by loading their cargo on the SRWY vessel plus GOGREEN is saving time and a ton of money using SRWY to list on the market, Short squeeze or not, all Ed was able to tell me is that a lot of exciting things are going to happen with this newly merged company. This could be a ground floor opportunity in the environmental investment field. Due Diligence of course is recommended..

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I am normally a spec gold investor and may be out of my league when it comes to the Pink Sheets,but with SRWY soon to become GO GREEN GLOBA TECHNOLOGY, I have taken a hard look at the share structure and upcoming reverse takeover/merger etc. and 1 for 10 reverse share split. Unless I am reading things incorrectly there are about 25 million free trading shares and after the rollback that number becomes a tiny 5 million float. I also believe that 40 million shares are restricted There is no way to confirm that a large short position exists; they were non existent in January but then the shares stood at a fraction of a cent. and not the present spike of .077cents.Pink sheet stocks carry a big risk but also a big reward. The new company formed obviously wants to raise money, (no doubt in my mind anyway) with a future share issue and a higher share price over a dollar it will make the company"shares eligible as an investment  for many funds.  The recent spike and share volume has me convinced it is being shorted by some not so savvy investors  and any kind of positive news could provide long investors with a reward in the very near term. Please don't bet the farm but consider it as part of the higher risk portion of your portfolio.Keep SRWY on your RADAR.