Eric Sprott Says Precious Metal Prices Are Manipulated

Pinnacle Digest writes: In this interview, Eric Sprott sits down with James West and talks about Europe’s debt woes, The Fed’s action in the future and how it will benefit precious metal investors.

Eric Sprott breaks down how extensive the manipulation in precious metal prices has been over the last few years. He explains one particular example of how misconstrued the silver ‘paper market’ is from the actual physical market. In his example he explains to us how, in just 1 hour of trading recently, there was a quarter of the world’s annual supply of silver sold (through the paper market). The math just doesn’t add up properly.

Eric Sprott states “Typically gold and silver are not allowed to react as they should to events that go on.”

Eric Sprott also touches on what has really gone on in the Europe banking system and how desperate the ECB became after deposits were leaving struggling Eurozone countries.

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