Gold and Commodities

Pinnacle Digest writes: The 'mom and pop investor' has been duped, lied to and taken advantage of for years. Politicians, through hand-outs and easy monetary policies are at the heart of the abuse. The volatility and fear in today’s market has pushed investors to the brink.

Treasuries have broken out in recent days and Jeb Handwerger believes a top may be forming. He discusses the variety of issues which have led to the current market volatility and most importantly, where things are headed. He stays true to his core belief that the gold bull-market is in a correction phase and nowhere near complete.

Commodities and Precious Metals have always experienced breathtaking sell-offs and corrections amidst secular rises. As the debt bubble expands, our governments will soon be forced to monetize the debt in an attempt to pay it all off with cheap dollars.

The gold and silver investor will have their salvation, just not today.

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