Welfare, US Entitlements: Who is Going to Pay?

Pinnacle Digest writes: Welfare or this idea of handouts and subsidies is not just for the poor anymore, but all classes of citizens and corporations in America. Dependency on government has crossed a dangerous line as many more now take from the system, than give or have stolen and then given to the system. The United States has crossed a dangerous line that will be hard to reverse. By running $1 trillion plus deficits for years simply to sustain and prop up millions of citizens addicted to welfare and handouts the government is risking an all out economic collapse.

Throughout the long history of global banking and currency crises the tipping point has always been when governments expand or devalue their currency to meet their own internal functioning needs. When governments print for a short period of time, during a war or some other set of extreme circumstances and then return to a sound budget, hyper-inflation and currency collapse is usually avoided. However when countries run deficits for long periods of time, devaluing their currency to maintain their very existence or way of life, a currency crisis, or hyper-inflation led default is sure to follow. America has crossed that point. And this latest commentary from Jim Karger a frequent contributor to the Dollar Vigilante reveals all the proof anyone could possibly need.

Below is a Video Entitled - Entitlment Gone Haywire

Someone needs to step up, Angel says as she gestures across a sea of children, all her own.

Someone. Anyone.

Anyone, that is, but Angel Adams.

Here is another shocking video entitled, Chaos Erupts Over Free ObamaHouses

Karger asks – What is the Bottom line?

An estimated 59% of the 308.7 million Americans in this country get at least one federal benefit, according to the Census Bureau. In 2009, an estimated 46.5 million received Social Security; 42.6 million got Medicare; 42.4 million were having doctor and hospital bills paid through Medicaid; 36.1 million get food stamps; 12.4 million enjoyed housing subsidies; and 3.2 million got Veterans' benefits.

US households are now getting more in cash handouts from the government than they are paying in taxes.

Someone has to pay.

Karger goes on to explain that, “Yet, "someone" is always undefined. But we all know who someone is, right? Someone is government, our sugar daddy who can magically rain money on anyone anytime. The goal of "Let's Play America" is simple and straightforward: get to the trough first, get your share, and fuck everyone else.”

In closing, Karger believes and states that, “A relative handful know better. They know the collective snorting and sucking is not a prescription for success. And, they know there is no government. Rather, there is a cash machine labeled "government," and behind that machine are millions of productive people who have their money stolen to fund the needs or wants of the unproductive. That theft manifests itself either as taxes or inflation.

The game is no longer won simply by stealing.  Nearly everyone is doing that.  The game is played well by stealing more than your neighbor.  The grand prize winners steal more than they pay, for now.”

As US debt continues to spiral upward, with its President, Mr. Obama claiming there is no budget or debt crisis, (he has just drafted his first ever budget as a President), one has to wonder, how much longer can the Fed, all by itself support an entire country?

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Re: Welfare, US Entitlements: Who is Going to Pay?

What is hiding behind the curtain is the "hidden tax" of inflation. So far it has been relatively benign but mathematics guarantee that it will manifest itself eventually given the continued "money printing" of the FED. Once the velocity of money kicks in the escalation in prices of basic goods will become breathtaking in its impact, particularly on the poor and elderly on fixed incomes.


Re: Welfare, US Entitlements: Who is Going to Pay?

"According to participants in closed-door meetings last week between Mr Obama and congressional Republicans, the president said he was committed to a revamp of US corporate taxes that would lower the top rate from its current level of 35 per cent, which is among the highest in the developed world."

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This follows a February statement of Mr. Lews from the Treasury vowing to help cut business tax rate.

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At least now, we know who will support the coming extraordinary tax burden.







Re: Welfare, US Entitlements: Who is Going to Pay?

Hi Jeff, missed you at PDAC this year, but thanks for posting these 2 videos that I warched earlier today. No wonder the U.S.A. is in the mess it is in if as seems likely, this depicts the thinking of close to half the population of the country. Well did one of the early President's say that "once the people discover they can vote themselves benefits from the government then the republic is lost", or words to that effect. When people are more focussed on their personal "rights" as opposed to their responsibilities then the slippery slope can not easily be reversed.