Why Most Traders Lose Money

Pinnacle Digest writes:

Joe Russo, technical analysis trader, who is also the Publisher and Chief Market analyst for Elliott Wave Technology, dropped an interesting blog today on the psyche of traders and the realities of winning when trading.

Russo references a trader with a different kind of mind-set. Greg Simmons is featured in Joe Russo’s blog and he explains the risk in shorting 10 year treasury bonds as well as why 90% of traders lose money.

Greg Simmons is one heck of a loud mouth trader, but according to Joe, knows what he’s talking about, despite his brash manners. This blog contains two videos particularly of interest to traders and wannabe traders.

Joe Russo concludes the blog with some Trading Strategies 101 using NetFlix (NFLX:NASDAQ) as his example.

Click here to read Joe Russo’s newest blog post