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 Using a website like can increase your odds of success in buying/selling stocks . I look up the ticker before I buy to see if insiders are buying. I look for recent and significant purchases. After I buy, checking the site for ongoing recent purchases gives me confidence to continue holding the stock. Meaningful insider selling may be my clue to dump the stock. I always check the charts before and after buying to watch for volume changes and how it is trading compared to its 50 and 200 day moving averages. Some companies I have bought using this; BWR-T at 1.20, DML- T at .96, CUU-V,   PRW.UN at .15, HNL-T at 1.20, WS-V at .40

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Great blog Ohjay. Insider activity can be very telling and at the very least, it shows managements' confidence in their own company. If the insiders aren't confident, nor should we be. With that stated, management is allowed to sell some of their position just like you or I. However, if they are selling large amounts (on more than one occassion), I'm not interested in getting involved.

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I own shares in EGD-Energold which owns drills that are contracted to mining companies. The business is doing well and so is the share price.

LDI-Landdrill is in the same business but is a smaller company. Its founder started Major Drilling MDI-T in the 80`s.

the following is his bio from the LDI website

Mr. Goguen is the founding shareholder of Landdrill International Inc’s predecessor company, and he has been President & CEO of Landdrill since taking them public in March 2006.

Ron purchased his first exploration drilling company, Ideal Drilling, in 1980. In 1981, he added a second exploration drilling company and increased sales and net income significantly. Those companies were combined to become Major Drilling Group International Inc., a publicly traded company that has traded on the TSX since March 1995 (TSX:MDI). Ron served as President and Chief Executive Officer until 2000 and during this time was a key driving force in building Major Drilling into one of the largest mineral drilling service companies in the world (33 operations in 15 countries).

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Shelton is not a person I would want as an institutional investor if I could choose. Pintree Capitol IMO thinks too short term and their investment dollars could actually hurt the company  in the long term.I could give examples ,but this is probably a poor time ,as far as  my investment interests to do so.Usually long term benefits for the Capitol company and the Capitol Companies choice exist,IF the Capitol Company stays with their commitments.It would be interesting to see how beneficial to Pinetree's shareholders  past and recent pull-outs have and will be.

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very good points southpen

I recently bought LDI-T Landrill

The insider buying is substantial

Sheldon Intewash of Pinetree Capital

He is not a company insider, but it is institutional

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Good points ohjay!  Investors should understand that a  red or negative could mean only an expiration of option(off the company list),then a subsequent buy of the same number.All equals out. When we see RED followed by disposition in the public market and nothing else with that same figure,then there's a problem. I use the site all the time.I have called the company and expressed my discontent  more than a few times.I have heard everything from ''the guy had to pay his mortgage  to his kid needed the money for school.'' Sometimes  if you see a insider that is a fund or ''institutional investor'' ,it could also be a good thing. if they're selling.Some fund managers are major pains.Happy Investing!!!