Platinum Investing

Pinnacle Digest writes: Platinum is expected to rise in value over the next year. Paul Ebeling expects it to rise significantly and to strongly outperform gold and silver in the next 12 months. Investing in platinum is not as easy as investing in gold as many of the same products do not exist.

What many people fail to realize is that platinum is extremely rare in the precious metal world. It is truly a rare precious metal. Global platinum production will total 6.1 million ounces this year. Not even 8% of what total gold production will equal this year.

Aside from its precious metal status in jewellery, platinum has robust and growing industrial demands. Platinum based catalytic converters are used in vehicles and in emerging countries such as China and India. Auto markets in these countries are continuing to expand rapidly which will put further pressure and demand on platinum.  

Platinum has sold off in recent months and is now trading well below gold. Although Paul has not confirmed that the key reversal is in, he continues to be patient, knowing that an uptrend for platinum is around the corner.

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Re: Platinum Investing

How do you feel about platinum with Europe, being a huge buyer of platinum, but now is facing economic problems with the Greek debts and possibly other Eurozone countries to follow?