September's Stock Challenge Concludes: Long-Time Pinnacle Member Crowned for the First Time

After taking a glance at Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge Top 10, one might think our system was malfunctioning... the results were that bad.

September’s Stock Challenge results were horrific. Absolutely horrific. The worst in the history of our long admired competition. Usually Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge is home to some of the best stock market timers in the small-cap space. Our members who have the courage to step up in this competition usually deliver with impressive results; however, even our elite members couldn’t impress anyone this month given the disaster in the market, thanks to Europe’s mounting debt problems and inability to take care of business in a timely manner.

Our members, along with just about every other market participant, got battered and bruised in September. Only 2 members out of our 158 participants ended the month in positive territory. That’s correct, just 2...

Heck, there was a point in time in the last week of the competition where not a single member was in positive territory!

September was a crappy month for stocks. There’s really no other way to describe it. A -9.19 percent return would have put you in tenth position out of 158 investors...

With that stated, to be in positive territory in a month like September 2011 is quite an achievement.

The winner of September’s Stock Challenge was wedge4321 of Chesapeake, Virginia. Wedge4321 is a long-time Pinnacle member who has been a part of our community for nearly 5 years. He is an invaluable member of the community, having contributed several fantastic blogs over the years which have been recognized in our newsletter as ‘Blog of the Week’ and even 4 nominations for the ‘Editor’s Pick’. We are thrilled to see wedge4321 crowned for the first time as champion of Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge, which will catapult him in well-deserved fashion into the Pinnacle Prestige.

Wedge4321 won the challenge after a back and forth battle in the final week with Pinnacle member ‘onehoss’. Wedge4321’s two selections were in the financial sector -  Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) and Ideal Financial Solutions (IFSL:OTCPK). Bank of America wasn’t much help to wedge4321 as it continued to disappoint investors in September with nearly a 25% loss; however, his micro-cap pick of IFSL reigned supreme as it increased nearly 69%. This gave wedge4321 an average return for the month of 21.83%. That return was more than enough to claim top spot as onehoss ran out of steam in the final day. The trend of an outperforming junior continues to bring success to our challengers.

Wedge4321 wrote a blog about his winning pick, Ideal Financial Solutions, which can be read by clicking here.

Onehoss took second place with an overall return of 5.26% after selecting Commander Resources (CMD:TSXV) and Trade Winds Ventures (TWD:TSXV). Neither stock performed exceptional or even slightly well, but to maintain value was enough to contend for a title this month.

We usually write about the rest of the TOP 10 field, however, we aren’t going there this month. All we have to say is the rest of the field finished in the negative. It was ugly out there and let’s just leave it at that.

It’s time to dust yourself off and pick-up the pieces. We expect Pinnacle members to bounce back strong in October as there are many great companies out there trading at ridiculously cheap valuations.

It’s time to make some money in the markets and we are confident our Stock Challenge participants will lead the charge in finding the next breakout stock... This is what our long admired competition is all about.




September’s Stock Challenge Statistics:

Highest Return: 21.83%

Lowest Return: -63.12%

Average Return: - 21.95%





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All of this chatter about Global economic disaster if just that. The wealthy can see the writing on the walls and are tightening the belts on their pants to keep them for falling down as the earth's population is in a steep climb and resourses are becomming scarce. There is oil for the foreseeable future, but how long is that? Untill the population bomb really goes off and the nations of the world need to start killing the masses in large numbers?Good luck men on predicting the future of the markets in the last quarter of 2011.

Timothy Lee Houston

Re: September's Stock Challenge Concludes: Long-Ti ...

Thank you.  It is good to finally get my stock star, however ugly the circumstances may have been.