Stock Challenge Results: Human Genome Sciences' (HGSI) Buyout Offer Helps Crown New Champion During a Rough Month For the TSX Venture

The TSX Venture Exchange lost roughly 10% of its value during the month of April; so it should come as no surprise that this month’s Stock Challenge Winner claimed victory by picking two biotech companies which trade on the AMEX and NASDAQ.

It’s been nearly a year since a member of our community has won the Stock Challenge without picking at least one resource stock. However, if there was ever a month to abandon resource plays, it was in April 2012. Commodities  and the supporting equities were relentlessly battered this past month.

Without further adieu, this month’s Stock Challenge champ is ‘TOP UP’ - a member of Pinnacle Digest who just hit his 1 year anniversary with our community yesterday!

TOP UP ran away with this month’s Stock Challenge and was only really tested by one member. Aside from the second place finisher, there was a large gap between TOP UP and the rest of the pack.

TOP UP captured the crown in April after selecting two biotech stocks. The winning combo for the first time champ was Human Genome Sciences (HGSI:NASDAQ), which increased roughly 77.5% during April after it was offered $13 per share in an acquisition attempt by GlaxoSmithKline, and CEL-SCI Corp (CVM:AMEX), which increased a modest 7.5%. TOP UP’s overall return was 42.90% - a very impressive one month return all things considered. Only 31 of the 173 participants finished April’s Stock Challenge in positive territory. That is the 4th worst overall result for our community in nearly 5 years...

The second place finisher in this month’s Stock Challenge should get almost as much limelight as our new champ considering how tough a month it was for the markets (specifically the TSX Venture). Pinnacle member ‘Releroux’, who has only been with our community for 5 weeks, made a run at the crown in the final day of the Stock Challenge.

Releroux was the only member of our community who really gave TOP UP a run for his money. Despite selecting two equities which trade on the TSX Venture, Releroux managed to amass a strong one month return of 36.43%. Releroux’s second place finish came after he selected GTA Resources and Mining (GTA:TSXV), which increased 73.5% after a news filled month, and Medallion Resources (MDL:TSXV), which stayed flat for April.

Longtime Pinnacle member, Donfig47, took the 3rd spot in April’s Challenge after selecting Fire River Gold (FAU:TSXV) and Natcore Technology (NXT:TSXV). This was the second time Donfig47 finished in the TOP 3.

Two previous Stock Challenge Champs made it onto the TOP 10 Leaderboard this month. Coachbob and GlobalInvestor finished in 4th and 5th place respectably. What’s very interesting to note about GlobalInvestor, in case you missed last month’s Stock Challenge write-up, is that he’s still in high school! And on top that, GlobalInvestor has been our number one Stock Challenge performer in 2012. Thus far in 2012, GlobalInvestor has a 1st place finish, a 3rd place finish and a 5th place finish. In addition, GlobalInvestor has never finished a Stock Challenge in negative territory (he’s been a member of Pinnacle Digest for 4.5 months). This kid continues to impressive all of us at Pinnacle.

A special congratulations to TOP UP on his first Stock Challenge victory. Tomorrow we welcome TOP UP as the 50th member of the Stock Stars Hall of Fame.

In addition to becoming an inductee into our Hall of Fame, TOP UP receives 1000 reputation points to his Pinnacle Profile along with the highly coveted Stock Star. As well, TOP UP will receive our Stock Challenge ‘Winner’s Wear’ to ensure his victory is recognized by all his friends back home. Our champions receive the winner’s only Pinnacle Package - which includes the finest of garments fit for a champion: The Stock Challenge Champ Hoodie and a Pinnacle Digest dri-fit golf shirt (for those summer days on the links). Wear them with pride TOP UP!

   *       Click here to get a sneak peek at TOP UP’s selections for May’s Stock Challenge.

All the best with your investments,


The Pinnacle Team



April’s Stock Challenge Statistics:

Highest Return: 42.90%

Lowest Return: -43.93%

Average Return: - 3.48%


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