Gartman's Gaffe

As I have said many times before I make plenty of mistakes.  I am calling out Gartman because he said just three weeks ago and I quote.....

"Since the early autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere gold has failed to make a new high,” Gartman wrote. “Each high has been progressively lower than the previous high, and now we’ve confirmation that the new interim low is lower than the previous low. We have the beginnings of a real bear market, and the death of a bull.

After he made that quote he has been backtracking ever since via TV appearances, and now today he said the following:

"The bear run that began in August has now officially ended, for the string of lower lows and lower highs is over,” he said in his Gartman Letter. “This does not help us in hoping for/expecting/indeed demanding some weakness into which to buy, but it does give us “permission” to become officially bullish once again.”

Right from the start this call reeked of Gartman talking his book, rather than trying to make a non-biased observation.  We all talk our books to a certain extent, but this one got under my skin more than most as he was backtracking right from the start.  This isn't the first time Gartman has done something like this, and it won't be the last in my humble opinion.

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In my non expert opinion and I seek safe harbour, Mr. Gartman has used his influence to fill his pockets at the expense of the little guy and I do not believe it is the first time, my opinion only of course, and hearsay  apply,plus possibly errors and omissions

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I agree with SchiffKnowsBest.  In a matter of a few days he changed his tune - from declaring that gold was in a Bear market and he was out, to "I'm just standing on the sidelines, I'm neutral." In a short 3 weeks hes a Bull again.  James West was right, some of these investors have the attention span of gnats.

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Hi Timothy,

Frank and I had coffee the day Gartman made that call.  We said that day that it reeked of rotten fish based on the interview he had just after making that call.  It sounded to me like he was using strong claims when he wasn't convinced either way. 

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Dear Frank,

How are you compelled to say such a supra critical statement? Where I come the skys are not cloudy in the least. Perhaps it is a seasonal change he simply overlooked.

With True Family Values,

Timothy Lee

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Timothy Lee Houston

Re: Gartman's Gaffe

I agree with you on that Frank.  I know he has a big following so I still like hearing what he has to say, but he's not what I once thought he was.

Re: Gartman's Gaffe

Gartman is a professional pump and dumper