The Dominoes are Lining UP

Tyler Durden in his essay at the following URL;  / concludes with the statement: "every developed country in the world is now 100% bankrupt" which is hard to argue with. The desperation with which the International Bankers are trying to salvage their immensely profitable PONZI Scheme called "Central Banking" through a fractional reserve system that brings money into existence only as DEBT, is now fully in view for anyone who takes the time to research the subject. This never ending layer upon layer of DEBT that requires the payment of interest, which their system never creates, is simply mind boggling in its audacity.

Since Ponzi schemes are illegal, one must ask, why is there no prosecution when it also constitutes a MONOPOLY against which there is also adequate and abundant legislation on the books? The International Bankers latest gambit is engineering the resignation of the leaders of Greece and Italy offering up their own henchmen as scapegoats to proffer a "solution" which can only mean it will further enslave the whole population of Europe to MORE DEBT from which they will directly benefit.

The backgrounds of these two men makes for interesting reading and we have Franklin Sanders of to thank for digging up the following facts and presenting them in an "aw shucks" humorous fashion he gave me permission to quote:

" "Y'all ponder a moment Mr. Lucas Papadimos called in to fix Greece. Note that he walks onstage only for an "interim" gig, to get the fix passed and then has promised to exit, stage left or right.


'Tis always instructive to look at fixers' backgrounds and connexions. From 1994 through 2002 he was governor of the Bank of Greece, and from 2002 to 2010 VP of the European Central Bank. Wait? Doesn't that mean that he was the Greek central bank head EXACTLY when the Greek government and Goldman Sachs were jimmying the books so Greece could pass the test and get into the euro? Did he object at the time, trained economist as he is? I forget.

Doesn't that also mean he was working at the ECB when the euro was beginning to unravel? Do y'all remember what solution he put forth?

Trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and taught economics at Columbia University. Whoops! Looky here: he was also senior economist at the Boston Federal Reserve in 1980. From 2002 to 2010 he worked with ECB head Jean-Claude Trichet, who fouled the euro's nest, did nothing to clean it up, then retired.

Whoa! What's this! What a coincidence! What a surprise! Since 1998 Papadimos has been a member of the Trilateral Commission. (What's that? A club that specializes in triangles? Trigonometry?) Creeping Conspiracy Theories! This fellow has enchufe -- connexions.

Friends, this natural born fool throws an eye over all that and the words "Establishment Fixer and Hatchetman" spring unbidden to mind. Is this the Judas goat who will lead Greece into slavery to the banks for the next 100 years? It's a fix, all right.

Shucks! Did I forget to mention the Italian fixer, Mario Monti? Economist, did graduate work at Yale, was a professor and chairman of a think-tank (where they put smart people into an oxygen-deprived tank to see what really stupid thoughts they come up with), and -- WHOOPS! I almost forgot to mention that he is European CHAIRMAN of the Trilateral Commission and a leading member of the Bilderberger Group. He tops off that foaming resume with stints as an international adviser to Goldman Sachs and The Coca-Cola Company. He is also a former European Commissioner for "Internal Market, Financial Services and Financial Integration, Customs, and Taxation." When he's not doing all that, he hobnobs with the likes of Jacques Delors and Daniel "Danny the Red" Cohn-Bendit in the Spinelli Group, founded to force further centralization on the European Union.

"Fix" doesn't adequately describe this one. Lawsy mercy! The cosmopolites are sending in the Big Guns. They're scared. COMMENT: I think he meant ELITES!

One is tempted to conclude that this is all a "managed crisis," managed to murder the rest of EU member states sovereignty and independence. and to harvest their middle class. WHOA! Y'all don't tell anybody

I said that. They're liable to put me in Bilderberger Jail for telling off on them."

Now wasn't that delightful, with just the right touch of down south humour? In reality it is not funny, pity the poor people of Europe who will be further enslaved for generations with new debt to keep the bankers Ponzi scheme alive as indeed they are pushed towards centralization to further the International Bankers dreams of a one world government they totally control.
The worst part is, these men were not ELECTED by the people to be their leaders and represent their interests, and you can rest assured that they won't be, whatever solution is finally settled on will surely tighten the noose around the wallets of every European and maybe even citizens of the U.S. if the Federal Reserve steps in to contribute to the rescue package to keep this corrupt system alive for one more go round of debt creation.