Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN.OB) announced that the Company has appointed Mr. James Dilgeras President

Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN.OB) announced that the Company has       appointed Mr. James Dilgeras President. Dr. Duncan Bain, who has been       serving as President, will immediately resume his geological business       focus as Senior Vice President in Charge of Exploration.   

      Mr. Dilger has over 30 years’ experience in building businesses, with       special expertise in international trade and private investment. Mr.       Dilger studied history and economics at the Universidad de las Americas       in Mexico and serves as a professor at Ibero Americana University. Mr.       Dilger was also the original founder of Texas Invest Direct Oil, which       represents independent oil operators seeking working interest partners.       Mr. Dilger resides in Houston, Texas, USA and Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.   

      One of Mr. Dilger’s first priority items will be to establish Nova       Mining Corp as a Registered US Federal Contractor in order to implement       the Company’s business plan of selling mining product to the massive US       military-industrial complex.   

      Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN) strongly believes that current market       conditions are extremely favorable for diamond prices and sales due to       the new significant demand being placed on the existing worldwide       diamond supply. New manufacturing methods requiring superior cutting       materials, the need for more diamond tipped oil drilling bits and       rapidly rising demand in Asia resulted in a staggering price increase of       49% in the first half of 2011, accelerating after two years of 30%       annual growth. Due to these steadily increasing market trends, the       Company is initially focusing on diamonds, but is also looking to build       a mining asset portfolio that contains lithium, copper and gold       resources.   

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      Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN) aggressively searches out and acquires the most       promising strategic mining resources worldwide. NVMN competes in an       industry sector that includes the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation       (HWD), the Hecla Mining Company (HL) August Resource       Corporation (AZC), and Northrop Grumman (NOC).   

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