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Early in his presidency, John F. Kennedy (JFK) consulted NASA officials and our nation’s smartest and brightest engineers, technical experts, and scientists to confirm that a moon landing was possible. 

Then on May 25th, 1961 in a special session of Congress he announced his ambitious vision to place an American on the Moon before the end of the decade.  For the next eight years, JFK’s goal captured the collective imagination of an entire planet until it was achieved by Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong stepping off the Lunar Module's ladder and onto the Moon's surface on July 20, 1969, an event few of us will ever forget as one of our nation’s crowning accomplishments.

Fast forward to 2011.  What is missing from America’s ability to wean itself off its insatiable addiction to crude oil is vision and leadership.  Modern America seems to have lost its way as global visionary, and today many Americans sound more like helpless victims than confident movers, shakers, and problem solvers.  Our American legacy is simple: we are idea people—thinkers, inventors, and doers whose ingenuity is not bound by an impotent belief in some divine right of governmental entitlement.  We are Capitalists—competitors who possess the means to birth an idea then work backwards from that idea to achieve either a solution or a better idea.  A few examples include the construction of the Panama Canal, the Space Shuttle Program, and the Manhattan Project to build the world’s first nuclear weapon.  In each case, a problem was identified and a solution theorized before the required technology existed.

Earth is 71% water.  Invisible to the human eye in every single drop of the stuff is the exact same energy source that powers the sun: HYDROGEN.  I spent 4-years operating a machine onboard a navy nuclear submarine that could help solve America’s crude oil dependence problem.  This machine, known as an “electrolytic oxygen generator,” applies electrical current to water stored in metal ‘cells.’  When current passes through the cells, the oxygen and hydrogen (H2O) separate.  Oxygen is siphoned off and stored until the sub crew needs it for breathing.  The highly explosive hydrogen is carefully pumped overboard.  If this simple process were reversed, we would fill our vehicle fuel tanks with water at the pump, through electrolysis burn clean hydrogen in our vehicle’s internal combustion engine instead of gasoline, and pump the leftover oxygen back into our atmosphere by way of the tailpipe rendering a car more like a tree: takes in water, and gives off oxygen.

The technology already exists to solve a huge part of America’s energy crisis.  We just need the collective will, leadership vision, and stated goal to succeed.  Send emails to your state's Congressional leadership today urging them to engage their Washington colleagues and the president to immediately craft a vision to solve America’s energy dependence problem once and for all.

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Not sure.  Haven't done much research on the investment side of the issue.  I do know we (U.S. Navy) uses machines supplied by the TREADWELL Corporation (  Due diligence needed here...

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Are there any publicly traded companies which specialize in electrolytic oxygen generators???

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America has always been an innovative leader until about 10 years ago. I think the reason for its drop-off lies in the fact it no longer produces the most post-secondary graduates as a percentage of its population. Below are the top 10 nations for post secondary grads (as a percentage of population).


Post Secondary Graduate Leaders (as percentage of population)

1.) Russia 54%
2.) Canada 48.3%
3.) Israel 43.6%
4.) Japan 41%
5.) New Zealand 41%
6.) United States 40.3%
7.) Finland 36.4%
8.) Korea 34.6%
9.) Norway 34.2%
10.) Australia 33.7%


Something to keep in mind is that the two world leaders, Russia and Canada, are two of the world's largest oil producers. The university systems aren't exactly 'pro alternative energy'. Oil is a major part of Russia and Canada's economy.

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Excellent blog wedge4321. It seems the only time real action is taken to find an alternative fuel source to oil is when the economics of oil's price hurt the economy (which can be catastrophic to a presdient being re-elected). When oil ran to $145 a barrel a couple years ago, that's when we saw new initiatives for alternative fuel sources and solar (and ethanol) really started to come into conversations more and more. Now that people have become comfortable with $100 oil, the alternative fuel talk has somewhat faded. It's sad to say, but in order to get true government backing on an alternative fuel source, we are going to need a spike in oil prices that is sutained for a long period of time. Unfortunately, the government has to be pressured or scared into change these days. But at the same time, as a capitalist society, we can't rely on government to fix our problems either.

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I am a Canadian but have always believed in America´s ability to overcome and lead. America has been busy with too many wars and outward influences the past few decades. Its time to take a look in the mirror and I yes pure capitalism is the only way out.

Amazing job you had on the sub. So if I understand you right the ´´electrolytic oxygen generator´´ must go the way of the computer. Through innovation and tireless trial and error it needs to be made a 10th or hundreth the size and put into cars... a sub has water all around it, a car does not. I{m sure it is a self contained system or yet another problem our scientists will have to work backwards to figure out.  great post