Le Pen vs. Macron

Macron Victory is Bullish for Gold

As investors look to May 7th with tempered fears, Le Pen is not done ...

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LexaGene building pathogen detection system

LexaGene Holdings (LXG:TSXV) – Our Big Bet of 2017

LexaGene Holdings is developing tech for the pathogen detection ...

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GDXJ Rebalancing to Leave Smaller Gold Stocks in the Cold

The ETF GDXJ is set to rebalance after assets under management exceed $5 ...

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Trump goes to war in Syria and Afghanistan

How Trump Neutered China, Iran, Russia, ISIS, North Korea and Syria in a Week

With war heating up in Syria, Trump is calling all the shots and investors are rushing to ...

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Oncolytics Biotech Closes at $1

Oncolytics Biotech trades to a new 52-week ...

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Investigation of Cannabinoids

Canabo Opens Clinic in London, Ontario and Announces Plans to Release its First Observational Research Study

Dr. Neil Smith of Canabo to present at the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of ...

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VentriPoint's stock

VentriPoint Diagnostics | Heating Up Despite Financing Price

VentriPoint has been among the most liquid stocks on the TSX Venture for ...

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How Raising Rates Was Good for Gold

The inflation rate in the US has increased for 7 straight ...

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Trump not helping Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana stocks decline after Jeff Sessions ...

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marijuana index mania

Correction in Marijuana Stocks Not Over

The correction in the Marijuana Index is not over ...

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