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Health Sciences Group has decided the way to a healthy bottom line is through better nutrition. After building an integrated network of companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and nutritional, and ...
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Form T trades (SEC) New rules approval become effective on January 11, 2010.

What does Form T trade mean to you? I think Form T trades are a ways for Market Makers to pass cards (shares) under the table after the dealing has already  been done.

  • HESG example yesterday closed at .0007 40% gain + .0002 for the day.
  • After market close form t (9x) selling trades were executed at 16:05:39. 
  • For a total of  80,327,047 Million HESG shares.
  • That sold at .0005 while the HESG  bid/.0006 ask/.0007
  • Today HESG opened .0008 and closed at .0005 
  • + 60% Today for Market Makers from HESG Form T trades.
  • Bought yesterday for $40,163. Sold today for $64,261.
  • A pinhole peak with just the smallest glimpse into the day games MM's plays.
  • Costing HESG investors $24,097. Thats what IC just for T*trades sold today.
  • -28.57% in equities for HESG Investors, down -.0002 

Leaving that taste gains more bitter everyday,  from MM foul plays....

 Response from Health Science's Group Inc.[quote]We beleive we have something with our strategy as far as medical marijuana is concerned. That is our focus. We can not control the stock price and we will not put out any "fluff" news. It is what it is. This is not a stock you buy today and sell tomorrow. Its a stock that you buy to keep and see if the industry and company takes off. Don't buy it if you can't afford to loose your money. -Frank [/quote]

 I say... your right Frank this is not a stock HESG shareholders buy today and sell tomorrow, but Market Makers go by different rules... lets hope this new SEC change for Form T trades will instill a drop for fairness for a game with no rules. I speak for many HESG shareholders, we are invested with you and will not sell til our price of $1 NO LESS is met....then we might sell you some.

  • Market Makers traded in 2009 over 37 Billion shares of HESG.
  • HESG lasted reported to only have 2.2B O/S  and 3B A/S 
  • Knight Capital traded over 20B shares of HESG in Nov.-DEC.

 Do you really want our shares? I say get in line and buy them like the rest, may the best hands win!


ICEQUITY aka † h i n k f i s h


Nasdaq - JAN. 4, 2010 
Equity Technical Update #2010 - 1 

What is changing?
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRATM) has announced Securities and Exchange Commission Based on the new rules, the following modifications will be made to trade reporting via NASDAQ ACTSM technology:

Trades executed outside of the hours of operation of both the FINRA/NASDAQ Trade Reporting FacilityTM (TRFTM) and FINRA Over-the-Counter Reporting Facility (ORF) — collectively the ACT System — must be reported within 15 minutes of system open (i.e. 8:15 a.m., Eastern Time) or they will be considered late.

The ACT System will now allow Form T trades to be reported during market hours for both Trade Date and As-of reported trades. Form T trades will no longer be restricted to reporting only during Form T (pre-market and post-market) sessions.

What will the test involve?
The NASDAQ ACT System test on Saturday, January 9, 2010, will support full ACT functionality, including trade entry and unsolicited message (UM) generation through trade dissemination.





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Re: Form T trades (SEC) New rules approval become effective on J

 HESG form t trades for JAN. 4 2010

I think greed is not the answer...."be faithful when others are faithless."


† h i n k f i s h

I think greed is not the answer,...."be faithful when others are faithless."

† h i n k f i s h