MediaG3 MDGC continues moving forward!

MDGC initially filed the required papers to become current with OTC Markets on February 7, 2011.
Today we see that two new updates have been filed with OTC Markets and this typically means good things within 3-5 business days from filing. In MediaG3 MDGC's case, we are led to believe this would indicate the removal of the Yield Sign and obtaining Current Status. This prompt response to update by MediaG3 MDGC is appreciated by shareholders and provides an indication that the company intends to move forward.
This is truly welcomed by long term investors and many believe that once the Yield Sign is removed, NEWS will follow.
Only time will tell, but MDGC has offered nearly a year of teasers and some follow through is expected and anticipated.

Reference the filings below:

Feb 15, 2011 Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information - MDGC Attorney Letter 2/15/2011

Feb 15, 2011 Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement - MDGC Initial Disclosure Report for years ending December 31, 2010 and 2009

Feb 7, 2011 Quarterly Report - MediaG3 Quarterly Report Ending 12-31-2010

The reports above verify what is seen in the charts...there was NO DILUTION in the final quarter of 2010!

Accumulation is at an all time high, the PPS closed above the 50 day moving average, flipped the PAR SAR and is triggering BULLISH indicators from chart gurus.

MDGC also shows 10 MILLION DOLLARS in Media Credits!
Hmm, could someone have a media blitz ready for the future?

Ofcourse this is simply speculation on my part, but it would appear as the stars are aligning. With MDGC continuing testing, revisions to their store, additions of products under the Wytec name as well as subtle shareholder updates on their public website. It would seem the company has it's shareholders best interest in mind.

MediaG3 MDGC Store:

MediaG3 MDGC News:

02.03.2011 MediaG3 Partner News: Aerius International Smart Phones to be made in China

“Aerius International, Inc. CEO Bill Luxon (Pink Sheets:AERS – News) today announced Aerius had met with HDC, a manufacturer of cell phones for Motorola and others in Shenzhen China, and reported HDC will manufacture Aerius smart phones and provide HDC office space for an Aerius Shenzhen engineer to work with HDC personnel.”

“Aerius samples will be ready in approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the end of Chinese New Year vacations February 12th.”

Please Note just to clarify for MediaG3 shareholders; the Aerius phones mentioned in today’s press release are NOT the only phones MediaG3 has or will have available for distribution. We are excited to have a timeline for their availability, and felt it would be relevant news for our shareholders, as we will have distribution rights for the Aerius phones, worldwide.

01.18.2011 Mediag3 Update: tests continue, online store bringing revenues

MediaG3 pilot tests continue….. exciting results, excellent speeds, anxious to launch….

The MediaG3 Store online opened with a flurry of shoppers. Most took an interest in the extended life batteries, cloud application software and accessories; browsed through the aisles for a new smart phone, tablet or notebook; and paused to dream a little of life at a local hot spot in third or forth gear…

Revenue has begun. Products are shipping. We are all hopeful new customers all over the country will begin sharing “YOUR NEW STORE” with friends, co-workers and family. Maybe even, bring them in to do a little shopping. After all, it just make sense, to buy at “YOUR STORE”, instead of someone else’s.

The purpose for establishing the “MediaG3, Brand Store”, is to sell “our products and services” as we bring them to market” and a few other devices and accessories people want now, or might be shopping for. We will be adding more quality items weekly. The MediaG3 store will also be used as a sales and marketing tool for our new “taking to your streets campaign”.

We are now taking applications for campus and city sales & marketing representatives and will begin qualifying, training and hiring for positions available all over the country.

What speeds are currently being offered on your campus or in your city? Let us know HERE.

Where do you want to take MediaG3? Send us your resume. No phone calls yet, please.

We are developing “the MediaG3 Channel” on YouTube ; where we will be showing test and video results; product and service demonstrations; as well as assembling an education and technology section to help our investors learn and understand more about the industry and MediaG3's future as leaders for the next generation.

Good things are happening. Let’s go have a great week!

“Together, we can do great things.”