January's Stock Challenge Concludes: Two Rare Earth Stocks Secure Landslide Victory for darrell99

The first Stock Challenge of 2012 brought out the big guns and in order to crack the TOP 10, one would have needed an average overall return of 27%. Given the culture of the Pinnacle community, it was no surprise that our members came to play this month as commodities sharply rebounded, along with many of our members’ stocks. Junior resource stocks made up 74% of all selections in January’s Stock Challenge.

Although our competitive natured members returned impressive results this month, the challenge was never really that close after week 1.

It was in the second week of January’s Stock Challenge when a new Pinnacle member (of only 9 weeks), darrell99, from the Golden State, separated himself from the pack. And unlike many past Stock Challenge champs, both of darrell99’s selections were massive wins in January. darrell99 selected not one, but two rare earth stocks and his timing was perfect as the sector had been beaten down in late 2011. The two stocks he selected were Tasman Metals (TAS:AMEX) and Rare Element Resources (REE:AMEX). Tasman climbed from $1.54 (on Jan. 1) to close January at $2.23 per share - a 45% gain. Rare Element Resources was the standout stock for the month as it went from $3.25 on January 1st to $7.32 at the close today - a 125% 30 day return!

Take a look at REE’s one month chart below - it resembles that of a tsunami wave...

darrell99’s overall one month return for January’s Stock Challenge was an impressive 85.95% - the highest one month Stock Challenge return since May 2011!

Four members made a run at darrell99 throughout the month of January; however, they all came up well-short despite impressive one month returns. Hamburgler, GlobalInvestor, willmr and PTSAELJ at one time this past month, held second spot only to see darrell99 pull away in convincing fashion. The icing on the cake for darrell99 was in the final day of the Stock Challenge when REE added another 20% gain to its one month return - putting him on the top of the daily ‘Who’s Hot’ list yet again. This was the Stock Challenge’s equivalent of ‘running up the score’ in a football game.

Hamburgler finished in second spot with an impressive one month return of 64.16% - a return that would have given him the crown in many prior Stock Challenges. Hamburgler, like darrell99, selected Rare Element Resources, but his second pick was not as prosperous as Tasman. Hamburgler’s second selection was iShares TSX Capped Energy Fund (XEG:TSX) which posted modest gains in January.

Rounding out the top 3 was GlobalInvestor, who posted an average overall return in January of 49.76%. GlobalInvestor selected Ithaca Energy (IAE:TSX) and Minera Andes (MAI:TSX) which both posted solid returns this past month.  We were pleasantly shocked when GlobalInvestor sent us an email this past month documenting why he selected his two stocks and that we should also take a serious look at them for our own investment. The shocking part about this email was when he casually mentioned that he was a high school student and that he had been attending the latest mining conference in Vancouver with his classmates!

Congratulations to darrell99 on his first Stock Challenge victory and welcome to the Stock Stars Hall of Fame.

In addition to becoming an inductee into our Hall of Fame, darrell99 receives 1000 reputation points to his Pinnacle Profile along with the highly coveted Stock Star. As well, darrell99 will receive our Stock Challenge ‘winner’s wear’ to insure his victory is recognized by all his friends back home. Our champions now receive the winner’s only Pinnacle package - which includes the finest of garments fit for a champion: The Stock Challenge Champ Hoodie and a Pinnacle Digest polo (for those summer days on the golf course). Wear them with pride darrell99!

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All the best with your investments,

The Pinnacle Team


January’s Stock Challenge Statistics:

Highest Return: 85.95%
Lowest Return: -19.65%
Average Return: 5.04%