China Economic Development not Going Away

Pinnacle Digest writes:

Frank Holmes breaks down three market movers, China, Gold and Apathy and how each asset or issue has impacted the markets in 2012.

He hints at China being nowhere near the end of its supercycle in growth, the world has come to depend on. As the primary driver of global economic growth, China has been the world's perrenial all-star in regards to positive GDP and overall demand.

Gold has moved out of the basement and into global portfolio's around the world. As Frank reminds us, paper currencies do not fare well when central banks are buying gold at record levels.

As for the apathy plauging our markets. We all feel it. The mallaise of doubt and fear that washed over us this year. Billions in capital stay on the sidelines from retail investors to institutional investors as they wait for clear signs from the US government, Europe and China to know that it is time to get back in.

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