Golden Reign Resources Ltd.
Categories: Mining
Golden Reign Resources, Ltd. (TSX.V: GRR) is a Canadian mineral exploration company based in Vancouver, B.C. The Company has optioned the San Albino-Murra Gold Concession in north central Nicaragua.
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Hawk apparently you are spot on with your recent post on Golden Reign's being slow to garner interest where the company pitched their teepee (Van Couver BC). I took the liberty to quote your opening statement below. Something or SOMEONE is definitely holding a tight reign on this puppy. For whatever reason??  Who knows?? Like posters on other forums have stated, no need for I/R or P/R?  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??   Maybe whomever is pulling the strings considers this to be their own little private cash cow feeding on the lows and selling into the moves up which have occured with regularity. Sort of like "SHOCK & AWE".   Keep up the great informative posts and D/D here on Pinnacle. As always these statements are just one investors opinions as to what is apparently ongoing in the GRR house.


"Here is some background on TSXv: GRR Au-AG explorer to share for group DD. GRR is slowly picking up analyst coverage primarily from back east . 1st reports coming from a # of brokerage houses based out of Toronto, no one apparently in Vancouver yet. ...believe that coincides with lack of any local promotion IR to catch attn. of local corp finance arms of usual Vancouver Broker Financing Syndicates."...