The Klondike Gold Rush - Back for More

Dear member,What a difference a year, or even a few months can make in the junior gold sector. Junior gold stocks have been rising since February and...

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"Buy Gold" Search Queries Explode 500% in 4 Hours after Brexit

With the votes tallied and the U.K. officially set to leave the European Union gold bugs were in a frenzy Thursday night. I was getting texts and...

Gold Stocks to benefit from Brexit

The chances of a significant sell-off in US equities have recently been confirmed by Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve.  This is the larger...

How TSXV Stocks Minted Millionaires This Spring

Dear member, "Bull-markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria." - Sir John Templeton Sentiment toward...

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Oil is Peaking for the Year

Dear member, Oil's price has nearly doubled in the last four months, marking one of the greatest bull rallies for the commodity in the last 30 years...

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Belgium: Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament

The European Parliament leaders discussed the consequences of Brexit for the EU, how remaining EU members should regroup following the news, and the potential penalties for the UK following the vote, reportedly being discussed to discourage others members from leaving the union.

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