TSX Venture falls below 900

The TSX Venture's losses continued Wednesday as the exchange broke below the pivotal 900 level to close at 896.35. Weak commodity prices, combined...

Two Junior Oil & Gas stocks take down September's Stock Challenge

September's Stock Challenge ended in less than dramatic fashion - but it was still historic. Long-time Pinnacle member 'shypitka', a member for...


CNN Breaking News 1:56 PM (21 minutes ago)     A patient at a Dallas, Texas, hospital is the first case of Ebola virus diagnosed in the...


Vogogo explodes to new 52-week high after Bitcoin Deal

Vogogo (VGO:TSXV) is gogogoing higher after announcing its latest deal with Bitcoin Exchange CoinTrader. Vogogo's stock price hit a new 52-week high...

Slyce: point, shoot and buy

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself... "I love that jacket or I love those jeans"? While you can't download or purchase Brad...

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One Trader predicts Global War Approaching

For many months Pinnacle has been forecasting the emergence of a global economic war.

In Greg Hunter's latest interview with Gregory Mannarino, the trader explains that we are headed towards global war when the global money printing stops working.

Mannarino believes that, “We have a government that has grown into a MONSTER.”

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