Oil and Gas Juniors lead TSX Venture higher

Dozens of oil and gas juniors have rebounded from near 52-week lows to drive a 5% turnaround on the TSX Venture since Thursdays low. After hitting a...

SGE Chairman: 2013 CHINESE GOLD DEMAND Was 2,000t

SGE Chairman: 2013 Chinese Gold Demand Was 2000t Published: 10-10-2014 18:23 This is the final blow for the ones who still couldn’t comprehend...

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POET Technologies drops below $1

POET Technologies (PTK:TSXV), the TSX Venture tech stock that dazzled retail and institutional investors alike with its potential and jaw-dropping...

TSX Venture enters Bear Market within Bear Market

The TSX Venture is down 21.1% from its high on September 2nd and officially entered a new bear market today. What makes this most recent bear market...

Which Canadian Small-Caps are Fundable?

Dear member, Once again, the mineral exploration sector is rapidly contracting. And it has been dragging the Venture Exchange down with it.The...

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Max Keiser compares central banker clowns to the clowns terrorizing California

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the case of trickle down clown terror as the clowns terrorizing California behave like the central banking clowns scaring the global markets.

Keiser believes that Janet Yellen's monetary policies "end up terrorizing the globe."

In the second half, Max interviews Professor Antal Fekete of FeketeResearch.com about deflation, bonds, and how it is that the current European depression is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s when Fekete was a child.

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