POET Technologies: $400 million market cap and no revenue

POET Technologies is a TSX Venture tech stock you've likely been hearing a lot about lately. If you thought a $400 million market cap company, with...

Tweed Hype is Fading Fast

Hype around Tweed Marijuana, the most anticipated IPO on the TSX Venture in years, is fading fast. The value and volume of Tweed Marijuana is...

A Prelude to Global Economic War

Dear member, Russia is home to some of the world's largest reserves of natural resources. Those resources are the sole reason Russia is an economic...

Value Investing vs. the Dot Bong Bubble

If you’re thinking about jumping on the dot bong bandwagon and playing one of the high flying marijuana stocks you have a good chance of getting...

Camac Energy: Successfully Executing The Nigeria Plan

Camac Energy: Successfully Executing The Nigeria Plan   Summary CAMAC Energy has successfully completed the transformation of the...

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