Patient Home Monitoring trades 10% of TSX Venture Volume

Patient Home Monitoring (PHM:TSXV) traded 3.73 million shares Wednesday, representing approximately 10% of the 37.04 million total shares traded on...

Rainendown gets ‘Keeky with it’ in August Stock Challenge

In a year that has seen the Venture decline and then decline some more, member 'Rainendown' saved his finest hour for a month that would see the...

Gearing up for September's Stock Challenge

There are just a few short days remaining to join September's Stock Challenge... cutoff is 8PM pst Monday. The winner will be awarded a 10 ounce...

Some TSX Venture Context

Don’t look now, but the TSX Venture has been among the best performing stock markets in the world... during the past three days. Putting together...

China dumps U.S. Dollars to support Yuan

Earlier this morning Bloomberg published a story many of us have been waiting for for years at Pinnacle Digest. In yet another strategic move, and a...

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Marc Faber: Markets have become very oversold near term

In late-August Marc Faber showed some poise explaining that "the markets are oversold". Faber still warned investors to reduce positions on any rebound and has advised selling into strength as he clearly believes downward pressure still exists. 

Marc Faber is the Editor of the ‘Gloom, Boom and Doom Report’ and is asked a few questions comparing today's market with that of the late-90s. 

Faber also makes a prediction on whether or not the Fed will raise rates at the coming FOMC meeting.

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