Winning this Contest is no easy Task

My hats off to IreM, Avispa, Firefly, Best of Luck in a tight race. I have been there. I wear shirt & hoddie proudly but everyone in the...

The End of the Marijuana Stock Bull Market

Dear member, Marijuana stocks are on fire once again. In anticipation that Trudeau's Liberals will legalize recreational use of marijuana this...

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How China Just Neutered America

Dear member, With China's GDP growth slowing (relative to the last 20 years), the country is taking steps to ensure it dominates not just the...

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Rising Libor rate pauses Gold Bull Market

As gold speculators head for the tall grass, amidst a crash in prices last week, everyone is wondering if the gold bull market is still intact. The...

Destroying Canadian Energy from Within

Dear member, With the U.S., Russia and Australia having already built LNG terminals ready to transport natural gas around the world, Canada's race to...

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Trump’s Victory Would Be A Negative For The Market: Marc Faber

Marc Faber, Author, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report states that Donald Trump’s victory would be a negative for the market.
Faber believes Hillary is a neo-con and a war monger. Faber warns of international tensions rising if Clinton wins the White House.
Marc Faber says, "Anything is possible" with regard to central bank policies and how high the Dow or U.S. stocks can go. 

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