China is Changing the World

Dear member,The creation of the AIIB, China's new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and its rapid endorsement globally, will go down in the...

Management continues to buy despite collapse in Strategic Oil & Gas

Despite a stock chart that could make even the most beleaguered and broken down TSX Venture investor cringe, a member of management and a director of...

TSX GOLD STOCKS: CRK-ELR-EDV SUMMARY: Gold is on the move this morning last at $1207 up $9 as short...

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POET Technologies gets its groove back

After more than 45 days without a press release on POET Technologies' core technology, following February 10th's release, POET has come out with a...

PKK.V - Peak Positioning Technologies


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Martin Armstrong - Big Losses Coming in the Bond Market

Renowned financial analyst Martin Armstrong says you can forget about the U.S. dollar crashing in value. Armstrong contends, “No, that’s absurd. The euro is in terrible shape. The yen is in terrible shape, and honestly, you can’t park money in yuan or Russian rubles, yet. I mean, let’s be realistic here, but eventually--yes.”

Armstrong believes that the amount of interest the US government will have to pay by 2020, will exceed the defense budget.

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