Has the TSX Venture been Revitalized?

This morning, John McCoach, the President of the TSX Venture exchange emailed me, and many others to let us know he will be retiring shortly from his...

K92 Mining - A Potential Buyout Candidate?

"When you have that window of opportunity called a crisis, move as quickly as you can, get as much done as you can. There's a momentum for change...

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Your Portfolio is Rigged

Dear member, As American stock markets hit all-time highs, investors are frustrated, fearful and confused. Not the sentiment you may expect. But ask...

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Insider buys 1.48 million shares of junior gold stock near 52-week high

TSX Venture junior gold stock Newcastle Gold (NCA:TSXV) is having a whale of a year. Its shares are on fire, up about 400% to a recent high of $0.84...

Why Big Banks are Finally Buying Gold

Dear member, UBS told its clients on Wednesday that the gold bull market may be just beginning, according to CNBC. Gold Bull Market will continue We...

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Peter Schiff Calls Fed's Bluff; Scott Nations Folds

One day after the Fed held rates near zero, Peter Schiff remains convinced the Fed will ease not tighten in the future.

Schiff talks about Brexit and how it took rate hikes off the table as uncertainty soared. Brexit has also been a catalyst for gold.

Peter also goes head to head with Scott Nations.

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