How The US Crushed Canada's Energy Industry

Dear member, Canada has officially lost another leg in the intensely competitive race to export natural gas to Europe - the world's largest market...

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The making of a Junior Gold Buyout: the Kaminak Story

Every junior gold investor has one thing or reason for investing in the back of their minds: the buyout. The discovery comes first, but then, as new...

Secular Gold Bull Market: Part II

On March 4th, I declared the secular gold bull market had resumed. Below is a short excerpt from my analysis at the time: "Gold resumes secular bull...

Why Gold Will Surge with President Trump

Dear member, "This is the United States government. First of all, you never have to default because you print the money. I hate to tell you okay, so...

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Are you still carrying cash?

Empty wallet? You're not alone. Less and less people are carrying physical cash as the rise of the 'cashless society' comes into full effect. We...

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Venezuela Is America's Socialist Future

Peter Schiff talks about what Donald Trump should do if he is elected President, particularly in respect to the Federal Reserve.
Schiff says what few can even imagine; raising interest rates and cutting government spending.  He supports an independent Federal Reserve.

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