Potential Rate Hike fades with weak Jobs Report

Rate hikes are off the table as the U.S. economy put out a disaster of a jobs report Friday morning. The U.S. economy failed to create its baseline...

Recon Technology tops Day 1 of October Stock Challenge

Recon Technology (NASDAQ: RCON) ripped 33% higher Thursday to capture the Daily Stock Challenge Breakout award in October's Stock Challenge. Pinnacle...

POET's Prototype comes into focus

POET Technologies (PTK:TSXV) was taking it on the chin Thursday morning, despite announcing its "new go-to-market" plans just yesterday. POET's...

Gold Canyon more than Doubles to Crown 'blacknite4'

In a dark month for the TSX Venture, the dark knight is King, at least that is how the story goes... The dark or 'blacknite' was rising in September'...

TSX Venture drops 37 issuers in September

A shocking and unheard of 37 companies delisted from the TSX Venture in the month of September, according to TMX Money. To my knowledge this is a...

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September Jobs Report Confirms Weakening Labor Market

Peter Schiff talks about September's weak jobs report which showed only 142,000 jobs were created.

Schiff believes the economy is transforming from full-time jobs to part-time jobs.

Schiff comments that:

"the real story has been beneath the surface, as far as labor force participation, people wanting full time jobs and settling for part-time jobs."

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