iCo Therapeutics stock rallies 50% after drug candidate tests positive

iCo Therapeutics' (ICO:TSXV) stock roared back to life Tuesday after announcing positive results for its Oral Amp B drug candidate. The company was...

The US Dollar is Backed by Hard Assets

There is a long debated argument that the US dollar is suffering because it is no longer backed by gold, a hard asset with the ability to maintain...

A Recipe for Disaster

Dear member,It has been one heck of a market rally for major indices - five-and-a-half years long thus far. Yet, miraculously, the global economy is...

POET Technologies: stock struggles to climb after valuation report

Pinnacle Digest first highlighted and wrote about POET Technologies when its volume spiked back on January 7th, 2014. The stock was trading at just $...

Gold Standard Ventures CEO buys shares in open market

The CEO of Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (GSV:TSXV) stepped into his own market Wednesday, picking up roughly 85,000 shares according to...

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The Revised Silver Fix and Criminal Banks

The “new” Silver Fix is nothing more than Banksters bidding against Banksters on a phantom electronic market, says Bix Weir from Road To Roota.

The new silver fixed is more like an auction on a small amount of silver that sets the world price. Bankers are still heavily manipulating the price of silver.

After the first day of the “NEW” Silver Fix, it’s clear that it’s nothing more than a bad joke.

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