Stop Oil Fear Mongering!

Oil down again... oil set to fall to new lows... alright we get it! Oil is in the dumps and struggling to find anything positive to cling to. Blood...

Canada's Economic Nightmare Now Reality

Dear member, It's very likely that Canada and the US are preparing for the possibility of negative interest rates this year... Despite predictions by...

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The Story of Breathtec Biomedical

Dear member,Developing new drugs can take many years for regulatory approval, and huge budgets to complete. However, medical devices, in many cases,...

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Regulus Resources rallies to Crown 'GoldHo' for 2nd Stock Challenge Victory

January was one of the most volatile months in market history as the global economy continues to teeter on the brink of recession. The Bank of Japan...

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Is China's economy set to contract in 2016?

As a Canadian, American or global investor, you have exposure to China. Every investor in the world is essentially, by one metric or another, tied to...

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What is the Efficacy of Capitalism?

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the efficacy of capitalism as profits remain high and with no competition on the horizon to put a dent in those high profit margins. They discuss hedge funds and bankers unhappy with the “new Spain” where justice is imposed and also at the “folly for the ages” as a major energy company liquidates itself through financialization gone wrong.

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