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The Pinnacle Professors are a select group of the top financial minds across the globe who have formed an affiliation with Pinnacle Digest. These finance gurus have been hand picked by our research team in order to provide our members with some of the best financial insight on the net today. Our list of professors include analysts, market forecasters, fund managers and economists. Whether your looking for professional perspective on a specific commodity to how world politics will affect your portfolio, there is no subject uncovered by Pinnacle’s Professors. Their insight will surely be of great benefit to you in your trading ventures.

June 24, 2013
Pinnacle Digest writes: Marc Faber laughed loudly on June 24th 2013 when asks if he believed the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke would begin tapering bond purchases sometime this year or next. Faber believes equities, bonds and gold are all currently...
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Top Professors

The Pinnacle Professors are a hand-picked group of finance gurus including: analysts, fund managers, economists and market forecasters who regularly contribute their insight to the Pinnacle Community. The TOP 10 Pinnacle Professors are listed below and are ranked by how many classes they've taught (articles published), how many times they've been recommended and the consistency of their contributions.

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344,010 points
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Paul Ebeling222,730
222,730 points
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Frank Holmes199,452
199,452 points
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170,727 points
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Adrian Ash166,232
166,232 points
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138,980 points
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121,274 points
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89,503 points
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77,358 points
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75,873 points
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