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Peter Schiff talks about his perspective towards the Fed, the coming QE4 and lower interest rates.

Schiff makes his prediction about this week's FOMC meeting, which turned out to be correct.

Schiff predicted a negative...

Peter Schiff talks about his perspective towards the Fed, the coming QE4 and lower interest rates.

Schiff makes his prediction about this week's FOMC meeting, which turned out to be correct.

Schiff predicted a negative print on Thursday, in regards to Q1 GDP; however, GDP came in at 0.5% after a 1.4% fourth-quarter advance. Peter is confident the data will be revised and that the U.S. will be officially in a recession soon.

Tensions with Iran have remained tense, both in the Middle East and abroad months after sanctions on the country have been lifted.

Trump made his foreign policy speech centered around an 'America first' approach, that focused on being strong and serious with allies and foes on the global stage.

In a CNBC video from earlier today, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on Iran’s anti-American art which is decided by the government.

Super Tuesday 3: Donald Trump sweeps 5 states in East Coast primaries; Clinton wins in Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania; Bernie Sanders takes Rhode Island.

The question of whether or not Trump can reach the pivotal 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination is discussed.

Max and Stacy discuss that if man is what he hides, as André Malraux said, then the EU is a corporatist, monopolist loving intellectual land-grabber, for the EU hides secret trade deals. They also discuss Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan instructing his coalition not to ‘forcibly’ proceed with ratifying the TPP (another secret trade deal) until after elections this summer as voters are against it.

In the second half, Max interviews independent Irish politician and MEP, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, about the top secret TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The Dow closed above 18,000 last Monday for the first time since last July - but unfortunately that news isn't as positive as it sounds.

Noah Poponak, aerospace and defense senior equity research analyst in Goldman Sachs Research, explains why dissolving barriers to entry – combined with geopolitical tensions – have ignited a new space race, with implications for scientific research, defense, communications and travel.

Poponak talks about the private sector, being led by Silicon Valley, which is investing billions in space tourism and 'reusable rockets'.

Why is it that, "it takes 50 times more buys to effect the price movement up, than it does on the sell side, to create a downtick or a movement down. It's been that way for a number of years. That is outright manipulation," explained Max Keiser.

In the latest episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss how the Marquis de Sade would approve the modern banker for their joy of making off with the substance of others.

One ounce of gold buys the least ounces of silver this year, and given the industrial component to silver's price, could this be signaling a turnaround in the global economy?

With silver above $17 an ounce and gold hovering in the mid-$1200s, the Gold to Silver ratio sat at 73:1 Wednesday.

In respect to last week, Holmes' comments that the best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 5.66%, says Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors.

One day before the New York primaries, Donald Trump weighed in on why he will win the state.

Trump explains what happened in Colorado and how the GOP changed the rules two months after he announced he was running and began polling well.

Savage talks about income tax and Trump reveals his 4 groups, which he believes will "reignite the country to start working again". Trump talks about the ‘Death Tax’ and why it needs to be reformed.

Peter Schiff believes the Fed is going to cut rates at some point, or reignite QE, in 2016.

Schiff believes President Obama is attempting to secure Hillary Clinton's election. He believes this is a key reason the Fed is working to prop up the markets and keep the economy stable.

Schiff rattles off a long list of weak data pertaining to the U.S. economy.

The history of bail-ins and financial calamity, beginning with Austria's CreditAnstalt Collapse in May of 1931, are discussed by Mike Maloney in his latest video.

Do you realize that the banking system likely holds less than half a cent for each dollar they have?

Maloney talks about how Europe has adopted bail-in procedures in banks across the continent. These types of policies are why Mike owns gold and silver.

Keith Neumeyer, the outspoken CEO of First Majestic Silver and Chairman of First Mining Finance helps us dissect the current state of the global silver market. Keith notes that the current silver to gold ratio of 80 to 1 is absolutely unsustainable in a world where physical silver is being mined globally at a rate of 10 ounces of silver for every ONE ounce of gold that's mined..

"How can you possibly trade at 80 to 1 and be mining at 10 to 1? That relationship cannot last," Neumeyer says. "I think we'll see triple digit silver for sure over the next couple of years."

Peter Schiff discusses the weakening U.S. economy and the soaring price of precious metal stocks.

Schiff breaks down the latest wholesale trade inventories, among other weakening economic indicators.

Schiff continues to stay bullish on gold, silver and their respective equities.

Financial Expert James Rickards says, “The Fed wants inflation... They are not getting it, but they have to have it. What does that mean for policy? That means they are not going to give up... They are going to keep trying until they get inflation, and when that happens, you are going to wish you had your gold.”

It is important to note that Rickards' theory is based on governments choosing to use gold to back currencies to regain control.

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the curious case of Putin's photo being used to sell #panamapapers when his name is allegedly not even mentioned in the 11 million pages of documents; and they look at #WikiGreeks as someone leaks the transcript of a conversation between IMF officials hoping for a ‘credit event’ to ‘resolve’ the ongoing Greek tragedy.

In the second half Max interviews Joel Benjamin and Jamie Griffiths of Debt Resistance UK about the LOBO loans pushing local councils in the UK to the brink of insolvency.

Best-selling author Jim Rickards joins Kitco News to discuss his latest book, The New Case for Gold which looks at the role of the metal in today’s monetary system.

Rickards makes the case for the metal and comes to its defense against well-known critics such as Warren Buffet often referring to gold as a relic. The author also discusses his discovery in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, revealing massive amounts of gold at Fort Knox and West Point worth $300 billion.

The GOP Primary has moved to Wisconsin today. Donald Trump and the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, have critized each other in recent weeks.

Capital Times politics reporter provided some insight on the race.

Despite trailing Ted Cruz in most polls, Trump was pushing hard Monday.

At a rally, Trump commented, "If we do well here, folks, it's over."

And that, "This could be the real beginning. If it's not, I think we get there anyway, and I'm pretty sure we get there anyway."

Move over Millennials: America’s youngest generation is just coming into adulthood. Christopher Wolf, an analyst in Goldman Sachs Research, explains why Gen-Z’s diversity, fluency with technology, and conservative attitudes toward money will have profound social and economic implications.

Yellen and the Fed recently announced that April is a live FOMC meeting where the Fed 'may' raise rates.

Schiff is not buying what the Fed is selling and believes they have no intention to raise rates. Not only that, Schiff feels the Fed is not going to raise rates again in 2016 and has a better chance at lowering rates. The dovish comments by Janet Yellen yesterday are reviewed.

Peter Schiff is continuing to stay bullish on gold despite its recent sell-off and points to rising valuations in gold stocks as a positive sign.

Jim Rogers continues to tell investors to invest in what they understand and know best.

Rogers discusses negative real interest rates and what the result of the currency war will be.

Finally, Rogers warns that the markets are set to crash in the next few months. The real crisis will come when the markets no longer wants or takes the printed paper. Jim talks about why he hasn't bought gold in nearly 5 years and believes a lower leg is coming.