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Egon von Greyerz is the Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management. In a recent interview with Greg Hunter, he discusses the upcoming Swiss Referendum surrounding gold on November 30th.

The Swiss are preparing to decide if its currency should be partially backed by gold.

Greyerz commented that, “You can’t have governments borrow more than ever and have interest rates at zero.”

Peter Schiff argues with Hillary Clinton's stance on the minimum wage and how to effectively grow an economy in his latest podcast.

Schiff explains that if you raise the price of unskilled labor, the law of economics tells you, “that there will be less demand for unskilled demand.”

And that, “that is open and shut, it is not debatable.”

Schiff proclaims that this fact is not open for debate.

Andy Hoffman, of Miles Franklin one of the biggest precious metals dealers in America, explained earlier this week that the Fed is not here to accomplish its stated mandate.

Hoffman describes why the Fed is so terrified of even a relatively small market drop from all-time highs.

What by "Buffett standards" is a good business?

In this 30 minute interview, from early October, Buffett discusses why the US car industry is a good one and current market valuations.

Buffett explains that, "the very best businesses earn a high return on tangible assets and grow."

Buffett hates copy cats and if anyone from his team comes to him with a new idea that is working for someone else, he immediately tells them to go back to the drawing board.

Vladimir Putin made a speech last week, following a closed door meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The crisis in Ukraine, oil prices staying above $80 and a multitude of issues were discussed.

Putin explained what might end the conflict with Ukraine and why a conclusion to this ongoing war has not yet been reached.

Global oil prices and a need to keep prices north of $80 are also discussed.

In a recent interview with Larry King, Ron Paul discusses his stance on Ebola and Obama.

The three time presidential candidate, former Republican congressman Ron Paul, also discusses ISIS and his son, Rand Paul’s White House hopes.

Paul believes it is far too early to compare Ebola to Aids.

Ron Paul states that, "right now I think the panic is much more dangerous and will cause more harm than the disease itself."

Peter Schiff commented in his latest CNBC interview that it is "because of the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve that the US economy is more screwed up now that it has ever been in history."

Rick Santelli asks Schiff what he thinks of the US economy, excluding Fed monetary policy.

Schiff continues to explain that all benefits to the economy have been an illusion and without it, the US economy is a bubble waiting to pop.

The "designated losers of monetary policy" are discussed in this latest episode of the Keiser Report.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the the horror of the apocalyptic scenes that central bankers have wrought upon the innocent.

This apocalyptic aftermath of meeting the Colonely Kurtz like central bankers is an economy in which the under-30s are left behind and the pauperization of workers through inflation.

Oil prices have fallen to their lowest level in over three years. Katie Pilbeam asks Patrick Young from DV Advisors whether ISIS, sanctions or secret deals are behind the price drop.

Correction in the video: IEA lowered its 2014 crude oil-demand growth forecast from 900,000 to 700,000 barrels a day.

Peter Schiff believes if the Fed continues to taper and ends quantitative easing, the economy will slip into recession and US equities will enter a bear market.

Schiff believes that what the "Fed can't do now is tell the truth."

Peter has repeatedly said that the bubble the Fed has created is too big to pop. He explains that the Fed will continue to talk up the economy, despite the actual numbers.

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the case of trickle down clown terror as the clowns terrorizing California behave like the central banking clowns scaring the global markets.

Keiser believes that Janet Yellen's monetary policies "end up terrorizing the globe."

In the second half, Max interviews Professor Antal Fekete of about deflation, bonds, and how it is that the current European depression is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s when Fekete was a child.

Alex Pollock, former President and CEO of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses the cyclical nature of financial crises and how legislative solutions claiming to “fix the problem forever” only perpetuate the next crisis.

Bill Frezza, a past guest on Pinnacle Digest Radio, evaluates the broker deposit industry and the most recent financial crises.

Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, spoke with Bloomberg last week, in a telling interview that became all the more accurate this week. Key topics discusses were global stocks, the economy and gold prices.

Faber explains that year over year electricity consumption and railway freight traffic is down in China.

Faber states that, "The market is signalling something and I would listen to the market."

Faber suggests that, "maybe the Fed can intervene and buy shares. Don't forget that, they can buy futures."

Greg Hunter interviewed John Williams, founder of, on the US Dollar, real employment and the false numbers backing up the US economy.

Williams commented that, "The big factor here is the U.S. dollar and all sorts of things that impact that. The economy is probably the biggest. You also have the Fed policy. Right now, there is the presumption that the easing is over and they are going to raise interest rates."

John Williams believes the US government is understating inflation by at least 2%. The US Dollar and falsified US Economy are evaluated.

Jim Rickards sits down with Casey Research in an interview from October 6th. A discussion over US Dollar weakness and the actual threats to the world currency are evaluated.

Rickards discusses his new book titled The Death of Money.

Rickards explains a scenario where interest rates could go much higher and devles into the ins and outs of reserve currency status.

Max Keiser discusses "paper and non-sensical banking tricks" in his latest show with Alec Baldin. The pervasiveness of speculation and not wealth creation have become the norm from the U.K. to the U.S.

Alec Baldwin explains that there is no respect for workers anymore.

Award-winning film and television actor, Alec Baldwin, and comedian, actor, author and host of the Trews, Russell Brand, discuss revolution, the media and ultra low interest rates.

Doug Casey joins Kitco News to talk about his sentiment towards gold and other metals given the recent declines we’ve seen in the marketplace.

Casey does not rule out the potential for a catastrophic period of deflation, if people are unable to pay their debt and bonds are defaulted on.

Casey comments that, “Gold is an excellent bargain today, and the same is true for platinum…and silver - all precious metals.”

Kurdish resistance troops are all that stand between ISIS and the city of Kobani. Across Northern Iraq, Kurdish troops are making moderate gains against Islamic State.

Kurdish women have joined the fight taking up arms on Iraq-Syria border.

This has had a profound impact on one stronghold region of northern Iraq; ISIS members believe that if killed by a woman, they will end up in hell.

In James Hunter's latest episode of USAWatchdog he interviews gold market and derivative expert, Rob Kirby. Kirby begins by explaining how the naked Emperor has persuaded people that he is wearing new clothes. For the moment, everyone has agreed he is wearing new clothes because no one wants to descent against the leader or invite the wrath of the leader onto themselves.

Kirby quotes the infamous Karl Rove, who made the statement that, "The government had the ability to create reality."