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Max Keiser believes the U.K. government is all "about offering voters a chance to increase their house prices based on this...

Max Keiser believes the U.K. government is all "about offering voters a chance to increase their house prices based on this policy of ultra-low interest rates which has the corollary of financing fraud."

Share buybacks in the US and housing buybacks in the UK are also discussed as the fake economy in many western nations continues to roll on.

“PwC” or the network of member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, released a report titled Global gaming outlook: The casino and online gaming market to 2015

MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber was caught on video tape repeatedly explaining how the Obama Care lies were formulated and why.

Last night it was announced that Vermont would be terminating the controversial economist Jonathan Gruber for his work on the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

Greg Hunter goes on a rant, evaluating how and why the lie was perpetrated.

Peter Schiff is calling for a weak Christmas shopping season for the US consumer and a fast approaching recession.

Schiff explains that the only reason oil prices have declined is because the world is treating the US Dollar as a safe haven.

When that narrative disintegrates and the Fed launches its largest QE ever, in 2015, Schiff believes the US Dollar will fall and commodity prices will skyrocket.

ARHT Media's (ART:TSXV) main product, known as the HumaGram™, runs on ARHT™ (pronounced 'Art'). This is the company's innovative Augmented Reality Holographic Technology platform.

In this 2 minute video, legendary commentator, Larry King discusses the company's technology.

"Through ARHT™, you - a human - can interact in real time with a HumaGram™."

Max Keiser interviews Alayne Fleischmann, the JP Morgan whistleblower, profiled in the latest Rolling Stone magazine. They talk about fraud in the mortgage backed securities business, the statute of limitations on wire fraud and what exactly it is that Jamie Dimon wants.

Peter Schiff sat down with Axel Merk at the New Orleans Investment Conference to discuss the role of physical gold in an investment portfolio.

Schiff commented that,

America's influence appears to be fading on the global stage as China continues to grow its economy.

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama are continued their personal interaction at the APEC summit in Beijing most recently.

With relations between Moscow and Washington strained, the two have chosen to communicate out of public view.

Frank Holmes predicts a likely bottom in gold prices on the near horizon.

Holmes is predicting that the gold supply is going to contract as majors reduce production amidst weak prices.

Holmes cites a study from Canaccord Genuity looking at the four major S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index corrections in the last three decades that could point to a bottom.
He comments that, “That cycle, (from 1987 to 1991) lasted 45 months, this one is 43 months.” And, “So between now and Chinese New Year, I think we get some bottom.”

Axel Merk, who manages $400 million in California, discusses recent comments by the Fed and the overall distortion of financial assets.

Merk discusses the prolonged environment of negative real interest rates, and looks out 10 years to explain that, "we might have a trillion more in interest expense a year if we go back to the historic cost of financing our debt. And of course we have the same problem in Europe, and we have the same problem in Japan, and so we are going to have financial repression as far as the eye can see."

In this episode of SchiffTV, Peter discusses the Republican rout in the recent mid-term elections. Schiff explains that voters who are living in the real economy and not the fantasy economy of Wall Street, voted for Republicans out of frustration.

Schiff deciphers the real reason the Republicans have been temporarily been handed control.

He also outlines a scenario where this newfound control will be used against the Republicans in two years as the US economy slips into recession.

Vince Lanci explains that "Gold is a hedge against the rest of your portfolio."

Lanci stays positive, commenting, “I’m happy to lose money in gold while I’m making money in my other assets.” And that, “I will speculate on gold again, it’s just not the time yet. I’ll wait for QE5 or whatever the government will call it.”

He also comments on currency wars at a time where the U.S. dollar is reaching new highs, and says it will end with the dollar losing value.

Max Keiser highlights recent comments by Alan Greenspan who suggested that gold is a good  investment from a currency standpoint given current global monetary policy.  

Keiser and Stacy Herbert also discuss the tragic and horrific double murder exposed in Hong Kong, allegedly by a British Merrill Lynch banker. Keiser elaborates on his theory that big banks want to hire 'psychopaths'.

Republicans have taken control of the United States Senate for the first time since 2006.

Voters ushered in a substantial victory for Republicans as midterm voters expressed frustration with President Barack Obama and the White House.

Obama's failed policies are beginning to haunt the Democrats.

Congress' approval rating has dropped to 14% and a Gallop poll shows that 76% of Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the nation.

Jim Rogers discusses his early trading career and what he began learning back in the 1960s.

Jim talks about staying power in the market and how important it is for traders to learn their own lessons.

Jim Rogers believes the way to get rich is to focus on a specific area and master it.

Peter Schiff was right in respect to subprime mortgages and the real estate bubble in 2007, but has been wrong for years in respect to the price of gold.

Peter Schiff remains adamant that the US economy will not survive without QE and that the mainstream is more wrong now, than it was in 2007 and 2008.