March 2012
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Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge has a storied history dating back to 2007, with winners from across the globe. It’s a competition that has drawn the spotlight onto the best market timers in our community. Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge is open to all members and we encourage you to test your investing skills against the rest of the community.

If you’re skilled enough to beat out the masses and win this coveted challenge, you will become a member of the Stock Challenge Hall of Fame, a permanent Stock Star Badge will be awarded to your profile, you will be featured in an upcoming Pinnacle Digest newsletter, 1,000 points automatically added to your total Pinnacle Reputation Score (catapulting you up the ranks) and you will be awarded our Stock Challenge ‘winner’s wear’ to insure your victory is recognized by all your friends back home. Our champions receive the winner’s only Pinnacle package - which includes the finest of garments fit for a champion: The Stock Challenge Champ Hoodie and a Pinnacle Digest polo (for those summer days on the golf course). Wear them with pride!

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Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

Congrats GlobalInvestor.  Let me know when you are running your own seminars.  I will be the first to join :).

Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

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The Pinnacle Team

Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

For the second time I am flirting with 5th place but a little too early to assume remaining in the top 5. I have mixed feelinga about this because I have sold "covered calls" for the third time, so I will lose my Westport Innovations stock in July if WPRT keeps climbing into the $49.+ area but it will still have made me almost DOUBLE whether it wins or not.

Depends on the support from MAG Silver which is due for some market moving news, so who knows, another 10 days could be enough to push the duo to the top.


Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

those of you who don't follow VSYS should take 5 minutes to read the last 5-6 press releases. They are heavily involved with U.S. homeland security and about to explode on to everyones radar screen.........

Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

Yes, too early to claim even a top 10.  That is what happens with volatile penny stocks.

My two entries, this month, represent, perhaps, a third of my investment dough.

WOO (Cogitore) is relatively thin traded and, as expected, the price range varies a lot with little or no news.  The recent PR confirming grade and thickness at Scott Lake, could make this one a more permanent .20+ jr.   

GER (Glen Eagle) had another PR that resulted in an usual response.  At first sight, the news did not look good, resulting in a quick but short-lived downturn under .20.  Then, I guess, many realized the news was not that bad, actually good!  Glen Eagle reached over .30, Friday.  I'll be watching Monday.  If it slips under .26...

I make no recommendation;  I'm no expert!  Just glad this looks like a good month for me.  Your DD... and GLTA.


Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

This is a first for me but as y u said it is much to early to call. Fingers are corssed for GTA to do more for me.

Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

Much too early to gloat about being # 1 lol.

Especially after February!  However, watch WOO.  recent results seem to prove value of claims.  As for GER, I also keep a close look at CLQ with its Lithium mine getting ready... plus GlenEagle lac Lisette...

Could it finally be MY month?


Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

hi i really like this site.

Re: Stock Challenge for March 2012

Dear members,

February’s Stock Challenge concluded yesterday and for the first time in a long time, it was a very close race throughout the entire month.

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The Pinnacle Team