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Joe Russo, Publisher and Chief Market analyst for Elliott Wave Technology, has been practicing Elliott Wave Theory and Technical Analysis of Financial Markets since 1991.  Joe continues to expand his body of knowledge through the MTA's accredited CMT (Chartered Market Technician) program.

According to Joe, there is no better trading partner than Elliott Wave Technology. EWT has a phenomenal record of accomplishment for calling short-term swings in the markets.

Joe’s guidance will tone down the noise, confusion, and blather from the multitude of self proclaimed market guru's scattered about the Internet. The guidance he relies on is guaranteed to be cohesive, consistent, focused, flexible, and objective.

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Joe Russo24,602

Pinnacle Digest writes: In his latest article Joe Russo, of Elliot Wave Technology, discusses the dire situation the US economy finds itself in. Although the US has yet to deal with severe consequences of over-spending and a lack of production, like Europe has, its day of reckoning is approaching.