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Stewart Thomson is a retired Merrill Lynch broker. He is the founder of Graceland Updates which is a subscription based serviced designed to reveal opportunities within the Precious Metal markets by giving clarity of each point and saving valuable time.

His articles are likely the most unique of all the Pinnacle Professors, as his writing style is straight to the point and he tells it like it is. That’s why we selected him as a professor.

His economic views and forecasts have been bang on in the past and his timing surrounding the gold market has been excellent.

Stewart is an absolute workaholic who loves what he does and it’s evident in his writing. 

“Follow the bank owners. Amateur investors live in hope. Moving from one investment to another. Hoping for good luck. A doomed strategy. Others place "stop loss" orders. They soon find a lot of little losses add up to... a very big loss of money. Meantime, as they have for hundreds of years... the bankers keep piling up the profits.

First you learn to apply the professional tactics of the bank your GOLD investments. Because gold is the world's lowest risk investment. Gold has the lowest risk and perhaps the most reward.

Learning is not an event. It is a process “

Stewart Thomson


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