Are Pinnacle Members Bullish or Bearish on the TSX Venture Exchange?

Last week we conducted a poll amongst members of our community. We wanted to find out the overall sentiment of our members towards the TSX Venture Exchange. Results were taken from the first 250 participants in our survey.

The poll question was:

With the TSX Venture down roughly 50% from its value last April, there are strong arguments being made that now is an ideal buying opportunity. We want to know what you think. What is your sentiment towards the Venture for the remainder of 2012?

A.) I am bearish on the Venture and believe there is still plenty of downside.

B.) I am bullish on the Venture and believe we are close to a bottom.

C.) I'm neutral. The Venture will remain relatively flat for the remainder of 2012.


The contrarian stance (and one I usually would take, but not in this particular case) would be to short the Venture at this point in time.

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