Democrats Against Obama Send Message to the President by Voting for a Convict

This is one of those stories you read, then double check to make sure you’re not reading it from a tabloid paper, then re-read it to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Now that I’ve done the three mentioned validations, it’s safe to say the Democrats in West Virginia are not very supportive of President Obama (to say the least). Two nights ago, West Virginia held its Democratic primary - which should be no more than a formality for the incumbent; however, what happened during this primary left me in awe.

In short, just over 100,000 Democrats in West Virginia came out to vote in the primary. A man by the name of Keith Russell Judd, an inmate at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas, received 42 percent of all the votes (roughly 50,000) and Obama received about 58 percent (roughly 67,000)...

The convict who gave Obama a run for his money put up the $2500 entry with the appropriate paperwork. Obama, who has already spent millions fundraising and campaigning to keep his job in the White House, might want to re-think where he spends his money and possibly get an endorsement from Keith Russell Judd. Maybe it'll convert some of the convict's voters to Obama supporters.

Obama has never been well-liked by West Virginian Democrats (who are typically a more conservative Democratic group), but this could be a very tell-tale sign of what’s to come in this Presidential Election. The Obama campaign is no doubt very concerned about how he’ll do with independents and conservative Democrats - two groups that will likely decide this election.  Anyone who thinks Obama has it in the bag should think again. It’s going to be very interesting come November.

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