US Food Regulation

Pinnacle Digest writes: In this disturbingly revealing piece on regulation running wild in America, Bill Frezza proves there is no end to the government's reach. His analysis (of an hysterical premise) focuses on a new 462 page report from the Institute of Medicine. The report blames obesity on: obesogenic environmental forces.

Bill's response is directed at the published article, titled Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation.

This attempt by government to continue to infiltrate all aspects of an American's life does not go unnoticed by Frezza. Uncle Sam is being replaced by a more suitable country icon: Big Nanny. Big Nanny is introduced in this article and her ravenous reaches are explored.

This is an article which catches the Obama Administration and the socialist agenda it wields red handed. There is no end to the money spent on studies and proposed regulations that, in the end, should be individual decisions. Until the people of America reclaim their independence, it's down the hole we will fall.

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