Guy Lerner's Take on Technical Trading Indicators and Dumb Money

Pinnacle Digest writes:

Guy Lerner of the Technical Take discusses various indicators forming in the market right now. Although investor sentiment is bit of a mixed back at the moment, Guy breaks down exactly what his ‘go to’ technical trading indicators are telling him about the market (and which way it is headed). 

Guy Lerner doesn’t use the traditional methods of technical indicators that many are familiar with. In fact, he has an indicator appropriately named the “Dumb Money” which looks for extremes in the data from 4 different groups of investors who have historically been wrong on the market.

These 4 groups are:

1) Investors Intelligence

2) MarketVane

3) American Association of Individual Investors

4) the put call ratio


Click here to see what Guy Lerner’s technical indicators are saying about the market right now.