S&P Technical Analysis

Pinnacle Digest writes: Despite the bullish earnings from Apple (AAPL:NASDAQ), and the Federal Reserve appearing to be compliant with another QE3 in the future, Guy Lerner believes we could be at a market top. His S&P technical analysis points to weakness in the market and he believes a pullback is imminent.

In his article, Lerner explains the similarities between the S&P in 2012 and 2011. He points out to readers that the S&P was range bound for 6 months in 2011. It traded in a 75 point range in that period and afterwards proceeded to crash 20% over 4 weeks.  Similarly, the S&P has been stuck in a 65 point range for several weeks now.

Guy Lerner refers back to his ‘Dumb Money’ indicator in this article as well. He often uses it as guidance when determining market tops.

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