Pinnacle Digest Releases Emerging Markets Investor iQ Challenge

The public investor is still heavily underweight in emerging markets investment. A strong driving force behind the success of North American companies over the past two years has been due to their expansion into emerging markets. Investors who have ignored this sector are missing out on huge profit taking opportunities.

Pinnacle’s Emerging Market Investor iQ Challenge was designed to test your knowledge within this highly profitable sector, but more importantly, to expand on your knowledge within it. Most, if not all, members of Pinnacle Digest are commodity bulls and given the fact that much of the demand for raw materials, including precious metals, is coming from the emerging markets, it is imperative we all familiarize ourselves with this sector.

Pinnacle’s Emerging Market Investor iQ Challenge will test your investing strategy when it comes to the sector, political knowledge, relationship comprehension between emerging markets and North America, knowledge of commodity supply and demand issues and future growth forecasting ability.

This iQ challenge contains 15 questions and there is a time limit. Keep an eye on the track above the questions to see where you stand after each answer in comparison to the ‘Brainiacs’ of our community. At the end of the quiz we will provide in-depth explanations to any questions you may have answered incorrectly.

This new iQ Challenge will test even the most savvy of investors within the Pinnacle community and we don’t expect any perfect scores... It will be very interesting to see which members make it on our Pinnacle Brainiacs wall for this challenge.

Good luck!

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