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Pinnacle Digest Releases Oil & Gas Investor iQ Challenge

Pinnacle Digest’s Oil & Gas Investor iQ Challenge promises to test even the most prudent energy investor.  

Pinnacle’s Oil & Gas Investor iQ Challenge will test your energy investing strategies, geographic understanding, historical recollection of significant market events, profit spotting ability and macro understanding of the industry. As always, the theme behind everything we do here at Pinnacle Digest is to educate. This new iQ Challenge will improve on your ability to identify profitable opportunities within the oil & gas sector.

This iQ challenge contains 15 questions and there is a time limit. Keep an eye on the track above the questions to see where you stand after each answer in comparison to the ‘brainiacs’ of our community. At the end of the quiz we will provide in-depth explanations to any questions you may have answered incorrectly.

Your score on this iQ Challenge will be added to your overall Pinnacle Experience Score.

Before we created this new iQ Challenge there had only been one perfect score...ever. We don’t expect that to change this time around as this quiz is extremely tough.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to take Pinnacle’s brand new Oil & Gas Investor iQ Challenge now.



Community Talk

Re: Pinnacle Digest Releases Oil & Gas Investor iQ ...

Thats ok Frank , I just went to do the Challenge and it said i have done it already!!! ( NOT ) Ho Hum

Re: Pinnacle Digest Releases Oil & Gas Investor iQ ...

After taking the oil and gas challenge,my suspicions were confirmed. Invest in areas you are familiar with. The test proves I don't know a damn thing about the oil and gas industry.