DEJ  on AMEX or TSX    Check out the presentation on their website, new in 2012.  To summarize  DEJ's 75% of  the   Woodrush property  is online and should  pull in 1000 boed by years end with 700 of that OIL.  The rest is in exploration or development all shown on the map in Mid West U.S. A.  . Kokopelli ,huge UD reserves gas field with 4 square miles  of leases of which at least 1 square mile is loaded full of NGL's. 8 wells  are forecasted to begin drilling 2nd quarter .Dry gas will hook up to the Williams pipeline. WMB on NYSE .Liquids will be sent by truck to a seperation facility to be processed. The rich NGL's have a menu of propane,butane,  light oil,etc ..,ranging in price from 65 to 90 a barrel. DEJ, off just 8 wells should produce 700 barrels a day by years end as well as another 300 boed in dry gas. All this is permitted for up to 42 wells,  for starters., another 16 wells planned for 2013. The entire Kokopelli field, which DEJ is the operator and controls 72%, has room for over 200 wells,maybe more ,at 10 acre spacing on about  2200 acres .This first leg at Kokopelli should be in full production by the 4rth quarter. South Rangely  has already had an exploration well  and came up with  reserves of dry gas and more  NGL's .The OIL is believed to be deeper down and will be drilled this summer. They believe that South Rangely has  oil reserves of over 8 million barrels. The company also owns North Rangely and you might have guessed N&S Rangely are nieghbors of the famous Rangely Field owned and presently operated by Chevron.( 1 billion barrels of oil since inception). DEJ has another key exploration play called Roan Creek ,which is on the map and believed to be similar to Kokopelli. The company has little downside as far as assets . Don't hesitate,look into this today.Short term upside is good,long term is great in my very byist opinion.