prairie records store top hits wall

Westleaf Receives License for Alberta Prairie Records Cannabis Store in Calgary

Westleaf is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Westleaf Retail Inc. has been granted ...

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Rendering of The Plant by Westleaf Labs

Westleaf Signs One Year $4 Million White-Label Cannabis Derivative Product Sale Agreement with an Option to Increase to $16 Million

Westleaf Inc. is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Westleaf Labs LP, has entered into a white labeling ...

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momentum building in metallic balls

Momentum For Member ‘iram53’ Continues In July 2019 Stock Challenge

Contestants are running out of time to secure their place in the Top 3 ...

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tidal wave

New Wave of Consolidation Grips North American Cannabis Industry

Consolidation is sweeping North America once again, but this time, things are different ...

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View of Latin America from space

EU-Mercosur Deal Could Be A Catalyst For Latin American Cannabis

The EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement could present a significant opportunity for LatAm cannabis companies ...

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Index chart declining

Canadian Marijuana Index Hits Lowest Point In Over 1.5 Years

The CMI is now down approximately 22% year-over-year, suggesting that investors are ...

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binder of regulations and guidelines

CannTrust’s Cannabis Hold Shows Maturing Canadian Cannabis Industry

Over the weekend, Health Canada placed a hold on 5,200 kilograms of dried cannabis at ...

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Colombian cannabis costs continue to lure investment

The ‘El Dorado’ of the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis firms are investing millions in Colombia due to low cultivation costs ...

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Westleaf cannabis logo on white wall

Westleaf Announces Appointment of New Board Director

Westleaf Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Cody Church to the Board of Directors ...

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electricity sparking in the darkness

Canada’s Cannabis Industry Needs A Catalyst To Reach New Highs

All Canada's cannabis industry needs is a spark to come back to life ...

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processing facility on a prairie farm

Prairie-based Innovation Supercluster Ignores Canada’s CBD Hemp Industry

Although hemp gets attention in the Protein Supercluster's first project, it's not what you might think ...

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Westleaf’s Prairie Records Announces Same Day Delivery Service

Westleaf is pleased to announce it is now offering same-day delivery service for ...

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cannabis retail growing in Canada

What’s next for Westleaf?

An emerging retail, extraction and cannabis cultivation ...

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view of the globe

Global Cannabis Market Could Hit $40 Billion By 2024

Roughly 75% of global cannabis sales in 2024 are expected to come from the United States ...

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pie chart with tax

Tax Revenue From Canadian Cannabis Disappoints

Canada's tax revenue from cannabis for the first five and a half months since legalization totalled just C$186 million ...

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clock on the wall

Now Is Canada’s Chance To Dominate Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Yet another chance for Canada to become a leader in the global cannabis industry ...

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Celebrating 10 years of Pinnacle...