The Rise of Machine Learning Investment Technology

Machine learning will one day revolutionize ...

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Trump will need consumers to keep spending

What Could Take Down President Trump?

US household debt to GDP continues to decline ...

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emergency exit sign

Foreign Investors Are Reducing Their Exposure To Canada

Foreign investors in Canada appear to be heading for the door ...

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View of the skyline of Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Received 1% Of Venture Capital Dollars In H1 2019

Alberta's failing investment environment has been cast into the spotlight ...

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stock charts rising

Canadian Venture Capital Has Its Strongest First Half Ever Recorded

The CVCA calls the first half of 2019 a "moment" for Canadian venture capital ...

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boxing gloves representing u.s.-china trade war

How Canada Can Remain Competitive In The U.S.-China Trade War

Canada's ability to compete in the global economy continues to take front and centre stage ...

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three question marks

How Long Can This Economic Expansion Last?

The question on every investor's mind ...

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GDP numbers slowing despite strong consumer spending

Inflation, GDP and Trump’s Re-Election Campaign

Trump's economy slows as the Fed prepares to ...

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Shipping containers at port for export

Majority of Canadian SMEs Aren’t Taking Advantage of Free-trade Agreements

Canada has some of the most ambitious free-trade agreements in the world. Yet some Canadian ...

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Facebook libra | the ultimate digital global currency

How Facebook Could Disrupt the Global Financial System

Facebook is launching Libra, what may become the world's most widely used ...

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consumer price index sign

Canada’s CPI Rises Alongside Gold Prices

It's no coincidence that Canada's Consumer Price Index is rising at the same time as gold prices ...

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piggybank drowning in debt

Canadian Household Debt Inches Higher In 2019

Even with Canadian national wealth rising, households across Canada continue to struggle with managing their debt ...

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man doubles down in blackjack

Canadian Investors Double-down on the United States

Canadian investors are betting big on the U.S. markets ...

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US debt to implode?

Is the U.S. Debt Bomb About To Blow?

Why soaring US national debt won't crash the ...

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BDC headquarters in downtown Montreal

BDC’s New $250m Innovation Fund Aims To Keep Canada Competitive

The latest fund to attempt to reinvigorate Canada's legacy sectors ...

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rocket ship takes off

Canadian Venture Capital Skyrockets In Q1 2019

Despite a global decline in venture capital, Canadian VC investment exploded in Q1 2019 ...

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Trump Trade Wars Update – China Has No Choice

As one of the world's most persuasive promoters, Trump is a master in the art of communication (some might even say manipulation). And like any great communicator, he ...

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Canada's Federal Election will be won by the Conservative

Canada Moves to the Right

Find out why Canada's is turning to Conservative ...

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Celebrating 10 years of Pinnacle...