Over a Billion People Could Be On The Verge of a Water Crisis

water crisis seen throughout Jordan

It hadn’t had one day of rain last year. Not, one day, I’ve never been to a drier place in my life. To start, I’m in one of the most water-deprived countries in the world, Jordan, but also one of the country’s driest regions. The particular region behind me, which includes the mountains just outside […]

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Venture Capital Financings Implode on TSX Venture ($300 Million in July)

venture capital financings fall dramatically on TSX Venture

The TSX Venture Composite, Canada’s leading small-cap index, is witnessing a collapse in investment. Total financings came in at just $301 million in July. While this is a seasonally weak period, venture capital raised in July 2021 hit $725 million. What’s more astounding is the nearly 50% collapse in financing activity from last month when […]

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Back in Triple Digits

The time has come to wrap up another invigorating round of Stock Challenge! In a month that looked destined for the dumps, the equity markets have performed well beyond expectation this July. We’ll get into the details momentarily but first, let’s give it up for our champion… Off the back of a stunning 217.94% return […]

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Did Uganda Discover $12 Trillion Worth of Gold?

Uganda gold discovery

Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest discuss Uganda’s recently reported gold discovery, which the country says has an estimated value of over $12 trillion. According to Reuters, “Over the last two years aerial exploration was done across the country followed by geophysical and geochemical surveys and analyses, Solomon Muyita, spokesperson for the Ministry […]

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The Markets Don’t Always Have the Last Word

The first half of the year is now behind us. By all accounts, this has been the worst start to a year for stocks in more than five decades. The S&P 500, tech stocks, small/micro cap stocks have all taken a beating in the last 6 months. Some have even claimed this to be the […]

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Top 50 Still in the Green

Focus Energy outperforms thus far in June

Somehow, despite crashing valuations across the board, excluding the energy sector, many Pinnacle Stock Challengers are thriving… Almost unbelievable, the Top 50 in Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge for June are showing positive returns thus far. Despite being one of the worst environments for stocks in decades, ‘Wes Tanchak’ is in 50th, up 0.32%, while our leader […]

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Will Canada Ever Succeed at This?

Canada LNG may represent the last chance to export nat gas

With roughly $35 trillion of natural resources in the ground, Canada is the land of economic opportunity. Few countries, if any, can compete, sort of… In the last 10-15 years, Canada has squandered opportunities to establish itself as a global natural gas player. We’ve provided a front-row seat at Pinnacle, regularly writing for more than […]

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Deflation, anybody?

A disturbing deflationary force is starting to boil, ironically right in the face of rising inflation worldwide… Population decline or dropping birth rates has become a global phenomenon. Fewer workers, fewer immigrants, and far less tax revenue will present a new set of challenges for the 21st century. For investors, adapting to the changing demographics […]

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America’s Saving Rate Points to Recession

Is the American economy weakening or already in recession? Or is the inflation squeeze leaving consumers with little left to save? We know that is true, but it is only part of the story. With the nation’s savings rate crashing to 2008 lows, households may not be saving much because they already have a cushion […]

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TSX Venture Update: Trading Volumes Hit Record Lows

TSX Venture liquidity dries up

The TSX Venture has averaged about 27 million shares traded per day in the past ten trading days. However, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, trading volumes fell to less than 20 million total shares traded, according to TMX data. To my knowledge, 15.8 million shares traded on May 25th is the lowest volume […]

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