Four Factors Pointing To US Recession

many signs are now pointing to a US recession

Global markets are breaking under the immense weight of uncertainty, slowing growth, and runaway inflation. While the central banks may destroy the latter as interest rates rise in most developed countries, it will come at a high cost. After contracting by 1.4% in Q1, a U.S. recession may already be here. Below I outline four […]

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Nowhere to Hide, Venture Drops 8% in 5 Days

recession fears surge as bear market takes hold

The TSX Venture is now firmly in bear market territory and may be teetering on the edge of a larger collapse. Canada’s junior exchange is now down just over 24% from its high of 1,018 in November 2021. The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are also in bear markets as U.S. indices continue to falter. The […]

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Bridging the Gap in Crypto

FRNT Financial comes to trade

Newly listed FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV), which is featured below, aims to provide institutional investors exposure to cryptocurrencies.    The cryptocurrency market continues to experience volatility, but it’s here to stay. Combined, the global crypto market is worth roughly US$2 trillion. Only a decade ago, crypto represented a niche market for daring speculators. Since then, […]

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Double-Digit Inflation Arrives?

runaway inflation may have finally arrived

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the CPI or consumer price index for March. Buckle up. It is going to be a doozy. While top forecasters predict it will top February’s 7.9% inflation print (a 40-year high) – I think it may touch double digits, but will be above 9%. Here is why. […]

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February Financings Implode on TSX Venture

Inflation running wild, crashing US equities in mid-January and then again in late February appears to have spooked many speculators. As a result, we continue to witness an overall decrease in trading activity and financings in 2022 on the TSX Venture. The mentality of investors today could not be more different than this time last […]

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What If This Actually Works? Introducing Hapbee Technologies (HAPB: TSXV)

hapbee technologies

Landing at the Seattle airport, I didn’t really know what to expect. A colleague of mine had told me there was an interesting wearable technology he had tried that could both increase your attentiveness, like a cup of coffee, and also help put you to sleep, akin to what melatonin would do… It sounded bizarre […]

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The Best Time to Buy the TSX Venture is Here

In many respects, 2021 was a banner year for the TSX Venture as it regained some of its form from nearly a decade ago when capital was flowing across the exchange. This year, daily trading volume pushed up against the 100 million shares average mark for the first time since 2014 (roughly 94 million shares […]

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The Inflation Option

Fed building

Inflation remains out of control both in Canada and the United States — forcing many to question whether (and when) our respective central banks will act. And, despite veiled threats and bold statements in the face of the inflation boom, we don’t expect the first rate hike anytime soon. For a moment, look beyond the […]

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