An Unintended Consequence of the Junior Gold Boom

man tipping over dominos

It’s clearer than ever before that gold moves the TSX Venture. Fueled by gold’s rise, the TSX Venture – which is home to over 900 mining/exploration companies, the vast majority of which are junior gold miners – soared from a March low of 338.80 to a high of 761.84 this month, marking a gain of […]

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Member ‘bob parker’ Pulls Ahead in August 2020 Stock Challenge

Cover for Week 2 of the August 2020 Stock Challenge

This month’s contest is night and day compared to July so far… While numerous contestants had achieved triple-digit returns at this point in last month’s contest, the same cannot be said for August. Member ‘bob parker’ is currently in first place with a return of 44.21%, followed by member ‘avispa’ in second with a return […]

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Gold Closes Above $2,000 – Pullback in Gold Stocks Overdue?

higher gold prices spark rush into gold equities

Higher gold prices have many gold stocks trading at their highest levels since the beginning of the last decade. David Erfle, a professional mining investor, talks about how to value junior gold stocks. The interview took place on August 3rd, one day before gold rocketed to a record close above $2,000 an ounce. Gold was […]

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Member ‘Rainendown’ Wins July 2020 Stock Challenge

Rainendown wins the July 2020 Stock Challenge

And with that, the July 2020 Stock Challenge has come to a close! Congratulations to our newest Stock Challenge Champion, member ‘Rainendown’. Rainendown took home first place this month with a record-breaking return of 356.13%, catapulting him to the top of the All-time Stock Challenge Champs leaderboard. While it’s clear he blew most of this […]

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TSX Venture Rockets Above 700 as Gold Hits All-time High

tsx venture is taking off like a rocket

Fueled by gold closing at an all-time high of US$1,941.92, the TSX Venture appears to be breaking out of its 2018 doldrums, closing at a 1-year high of 709.11 today. It should be interesting to see where gold (and by extension, the TSX Venture) head this week, given that the yellow metal almost breached US$2,000 […]

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The Meteoric Return of the TSX Venture Index

tsx venture index soaring on higher gold and silver prices

The TSX Venture index is having one heck of a summer so far, thanks in large part to gold’s bull market. It very much reminds us of the summers of 2009 and 2011. No exchange benefits from a gold bull market like the TSX Venture. More than half of its issuers call the resource sector […]

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Gold Correction Coming?

gold correction may be around the corner

Rick Rule believes gold may be “overpriced” as the yellow metal continues to trade above $1,800. After a prolonged move to the upside, like we’ve witnessed, a gold correction could be in the cards. On gold, Rule comments, And that, “It wouldn’t surprise me to see gold go to $1,900, it wouldn’t surprise me to […]

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GDXJ’s 7-Year High Reflects Growing Momentum for Junior Gold Mining Stocks

investor using newton cradle

Momentum for junior gold mining stocks is building. During an interview with VanEck’s Joe Foster at the 2020 Canadian Mining Symposium on Zoom, Dean McPherson, Head of Business Development at TMX Group, stated, “For the first in a long time we’re seeing equal if not more participation in the junior [mining] space as well in […]

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The trap has been set…

e-commerce thrives despite looming deflationary forces

The pace of disruption in the global economy today is phenomenal. We’ve never seen anything like it. Our very way of life is changing before our eyes as COVID-19 alters who we see, how we act, and what we spend our money on. As billionaire global investor Barry Sternlicht told CNBC on June 30th, “If […]

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Member ‘Zeek’ Wins June 2020 Stock Challenge

June 2020 Stock Challenge Champion is Zeek

Stock Challengers, join us in congratulating member ‘zeek’, our June 2020 Stock Challenge Champion! Zeek doubled down on NexTech AR Solutions to finish the month with an exceptional return of 140.58%, becoming the first contestant to win Stock Challenge 3.0 by picking dual-listed symbols! Runners-up include second place member ‘robert bowling’ (115.10%) and third place […]

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