2021 Could Be a Blockbuster Year for Canadian Stocks

toronto skyline sunrise

2021 is poised to be a stellar year for the Canadian economy, and, by extent, the TSX and TSX Venture. According to Bloomberg, “Gross domestic product grew 0.7% in January, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday . . . A preliminary estimate for February shows the country kept the momentum going with output expanding 0.5%, the 10th-straight […]

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Speculative Buying Frenzy Hits TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is enjoying a speculative buying frenzy across multiple markets. I haven’t seen this level of speculation on the Venture in a long time. And I can’t remember ever seeing it across so many sectors. From health and wellness to gaming, psychedelics, and even cannabis and gold – speculators are bidding up TSX […]

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CitiGroup $2,500 Gold Forecast for 2021

Citi forecasts $2,500 gold price in 2021

The gold price and related equities remain under pressure as 2020 comes to a close. It remains a frustrating period for many investors, despite the necessary consolidation taking place in precious metals. A perfect storm of epic stimulus and inflation fears took gold to record highs in 2020; now, many investors and speculators are concerned […]

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Money or Well Being, Can’t We Have Both?

Darrell Brookstein talks well being and money with J Jaye Gold

Darrell Brookstein, financial services serial entrepreneur, author in gold mining, biopharma & hi-tech investing, trading & speculation speaks with Justin Jaye Gold. Justin is an author, lecturer, and pioneer in the study of human behavior in finance, competition, & risk-taking. He is also a teacher of meditation and consciousness for 40 years. On Brookstein, Gold […]

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What Makes America Great?

Capitalism will make America Great Again

As America continues to churn in an amalgam of post-election jubilation, disappointment, and confusion, we want to take a step back… Despite the S&P 500 and Dow Jones trading near all-time highs last week, the U.S. is grappling with an uncertain future. While many in the United States are hoping the country will begin to […]

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Dare to Compare: Trump and Biden Tax Cuts

Perhaps more than anything else, Trump is known for cutting taxes. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 cut the maximum corporate federal income tax rate from 35% to 21%. Furthermore, it “…greatly expanded first-year depreciation write-offs for business equipment additions”, according to a February 2020 MarketWatch article. With seven days until what may […]

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Member ‘Barry Pynn’ Wins September 2020 Stock Challenge

Barry Pynn wins the September 2020 Stock Challenge

A new Stock Challenge Champion walks among us… member ‘Barry Pynn!’ Barry Pynn selected Regulus Resources and Kodiak Copper to achieve a stunning return of 237.23% this month, followed closely by second place member ‘traderguy’ (230.95% return) and third place member ‘firefly’ (80.08% return). If you’ve been following Stock Challenge this month, then you know […]

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Will the Market Correction Continue?

tech stocks under pressure

According to Lyn Alden, “Equities by most metrics are very expensive. But, actually compared to Treasury yields, they’re not that expensive at all.” Tuesday was another frightening one for speculators long tech stocks on the Nasdaq, which fell 4%. As the markets continue to crater, some investors are hiding in the relative safety of gold. […]

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Member ‘traderguy’ Takes Over August 2020 Stock Challenge

Cover for Week 1 of the September 2020 Stock Challenge

Let the games begin! Member ‘traderguy’ is leading this month’s Stock Challenge with a return of 103.27%, followed closely behind by second place member ‘Barry Pynn’ (98.06% return) and third place member ‘Atlevan’ (37.43% return). The returns of traderguy and Barry Pynn are pretty phenomenal, considering that most of the Top 10 has returns in the […]

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An Unintended Consequence of the Junior Gold Boom

man tipping over dominos

It’s clearer than ever before that gold moves the TSX Venture. Fueled by gold’s rise, the TSX Venture – which is home to over 900 mining/exploration companies, the vast majority of which are junior gold miners – soared from a March low of 338.80 to a high of 761.84 this month, marking a gain of […]

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