ESG Investing Presents Rare Opportunity for Miners

mining construction worker standing on a hill

According to a 2020 Metals and Mining Survey conducted by Fitch Ratings and CRU, mining companies are facing increasing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risk scrutiny from investors. Via Fitch Ratings and CRU, “Several high-profile mining disasters and emissions controversies in recent years have increased investor scrutiny of ESG risks. And that as a result, “Many […]

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Agtech Company Transforms Livestock Waste into Organic Fertilizer

earthrenew targets organic fertilizer market

If you’re not already a member of our newsletter and you invest in TSX Venture and CSE stocks, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today. Only our best content will land in your inbox. […]

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Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

There is no going back. Like the diseases that came before it, COVID-19 is accelerating global socioeconomic change. The change we are witnessing will usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The version of capitalism we knew four months ago (pre-pandemic) has evolved rapidly. It is now placing more emphasis on “biosafety,” software, and it appears […]

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How Long Does the Average Gold Mining Bull Market Last?

gold mining bull market expands

Gold, gold miners, and parabolic fiat money printing is the topic of Real Vision Finance’s latest interview. The stage of today’s gold mining bull market is revealed along with reasons why institutional money may soon seek out gold miners for safety. Gold ETFs are continuing to perform exceptionally well under our new reality post-COVID-19. Eric […]

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Risk-On Trade Returns as CSE and TSXV Breakout

risk-on comes back to the junior markets

Weed stocks and gold stocks continue to lead the surge in Canadian equity markets. We see a reversal of sentiment as the ‘risk-on’ attitude comes back to the market. The TSX Venture was up a massive 3% Monday as gold stocks lifted the exchange higher. The stealth rally in gold stocks, overlooked until now by […]

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‘Rose’ Leads May 2020 Stock Challenge At Halfway Point

Week 2 of the May 2020 Stock Challenge

With a return of 92.83%, member ‘Rose’ is the latest contestant to lead the May 2020 Stock Challenge! Rose’s closest competitors, members ‘kzlarson7’ and ‘mountainpose1’, are also having strong performances this month, clocking in returns of 75.40% and 61.82%, respectively. Overall, Stock Challengers are having a relatively good month so far; approximately 61% of contestants […]

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Member ‘Funtime’ Wins April 2020 Stock Challenge

Funtime is the April 2020 Stock Challenge Champion

Stock Challengers, join us in celebrating our newest Stock Challenge Champion: member ‘funtime!’ Funtime held strong this month, achieving a phenomenal return of 179.96% — a return that’s second only to member ‘Robert Kellermann’s’ record return of 233.81% in December 2019. This month’s second place member ‘Doug Schwindt’ and third place member (and March Stock […]

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Rick Rule on When to Exit Gold and Silver Stocks

gold and silver stocks

Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings, sounds off in one of his best interviews ever. Confident and collected, the 67-year-old speaks from experience, having lived through numerous bull and bear markets in the precious metals sector. Most importantly, and in somewhat rare fashion, Rule talks about when investors should look to exit […]

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CSE Jumps 5% Monday, Up 31% Since Late March

CSE index soars 31% in recent weeks

The CSE or the Canadian Securities Exchange just had its best day since late March – rising 4.8%. The embattled exchange is still on life support, down better than 60% in the past year, but has had an epic last 30 days. Up about 31.4% from its low in late-March, the exchange is building momentum. […]

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King Dollar Standing Tall Amidst U.S. Treasuries Liquidation

U.S. dollar remains strong

The U.S. Dollar Index is back above 100 despite gold continuing to trade firmly above $1,700 per ounce. Despite all the calls for the dollar to collapse amidst trillions in monetary stimulus it is standing tall. A more ominous sign for the dollar can be found in the declining number of official foreign holdings of […]

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