The Silver Market Could Have Supply Issues…

silver demand

According to Metals Focus, global silver mines produced more of the precious metal in 2013 than they did in 2021… Global mine production of 26,293 tons in 2013 to 25,587 tons of silver in 2021, shows the needle hasn’t moved much over the last decade. If it wasn’t for silver recycling, we would be in […]

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Financing and Liquidity Crisis Hit Venture Capital Markets

venture capital is drying up in Canada

Venture capital is a tough racket. When liquidity dries up, valuations plummet, investors panic, and small and micro-cap stocks can go to zero. Moreover, they are often the first asset class to fall in a recession as investors shun their inherent risk. One look at the amount of capital raised on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange, […]

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A Method To The Fed’s Madness

Mad scientist

We know whom inflation hurts the most: the elderly, people on a fixed income, and those living paycheque to paycheque — which in Canada and the US means most of the population. So, who can inflation benefit? Experienced debtors. The richest among us often have mountains of debt. Banks practically beg them to take more […]

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Micronta Selects Dot-com Darling to Win September Stock Challenge

Pinnacle Digest's Stock Challenge Champion

Storied member ‘micronta‘ has captured the crown once again, winning September’s Stock Challenge. The long-time member selected little-known (OTCPK: TGLO) which took off in the last ten days of the month – gaining 229% in September. It’s also worth noting that micronta is currently ranked as #1 in the all-time rankings of Stock Challenge […]

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The New Canadian REE Opportunity

REEs are made in Canada

Late in the spring, Canada began supplying the world with rare earth elements or REEs for the first time ever… Products from Cheetah Resources’ Nechalacho mine in the Northwest Territories (Canada’s first rare earth mine) set sail for Norway, en route to the company’s customer for further processing. Per Cheetah Resources’ David Connelly, as reported […]

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U.S. Healthcare Stock Outperforms as Market Craters

Akumin and Reconnaissance Energy Africa top September Stock Challenge

The TSX Venture remains highly volatile, along with all other major indices this month. However, despite the ups and downs, at mid-month the Venture is nearly at the same level it was on September 1st. So, to see many members massively outperform the markets, despite the volatility and overall flat performance thus far, is impressive. […]

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The Hydrogen Option

Suncor announced in April that it would be getting rid of its wind and solar assets – after two decades of being involved in renewable energy production – leaving many astounded. Greenpeace chief energy strategist, Keith Stewart, labeled the move as akin to “buying Blockbuster stock the day Netflix launches an IPO.” Stewart’s analogy was […]

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IPO Financings Drop 91% MoM, 40% YoY on TSXV

Canada's IPO Market is dropping like a stone

Financing data for August is in, and the one data point I can’t get over is the decline in IPO financings. Canada’s IPO market is in serious trouble – from the TSX to TSX Venture. The Venture saw $3.7 million in IPO Financings raised in August – a drop of 91% from July’s $44.8 million. […]

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Why the US IPO Market in 2022 Should Scare You

Are you looking for proof that not only valuations but liquidity is vanishing from the market? Proof that almost all of us are sitting on cash, petrified to deploy it? Well, this morning, more evidence points to widespread fear across North American stock markets. And, we need to look no further than the US IPO […]

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Canada Poised to Become Global Lithium Superpower

lithium sector

Lithium stocks that own or control ‘critical minerals’ are receiving newfound support from the Liberal government in Canada. Alex and Aaron talk about the 180-degree shift the current government has taken towards the ‘critical minerals’ space in the advent of lithium’s rise. Canada Doubles Down on Lithium Sector and Critical Minerals We wrote about the […]

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