No More Mr. Nice Guy

China Threat

Since March of 2020, few countries have suffered a greater toll than the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than half a million Americans (and counting) have succumbed to the disease. And, according to Visual Capitalist, U.S. GDP suffered its worst decline in history during the heart of the pandemic, while debt continues […]

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Why Rritual Superfoods is Different

Rritual Superfoods to begin trading on the CSE

We introduced Rritual Superfoods (“Rritual” or the “Company”) (CSE: RSF) in early March, just before the Company began trading publicly in Canada. Rritual Superfoods’ shares came to trade on March 8, 2021, a day following our Weekly Intelligence Newsletter focused on the Company and titled, New IPO: Mental Fitness & Functional Mushrooms. After trading between […]

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Magic McNugget Sells for $100k and Billionaires Take Over

billionaires become less common as inflation takes over

A story about a chicken McNugget selling for $100,000USD over the weekend got me thinking about inflation, manias, and billionaires. I’ll talk about the ‘magic McNugget’ in a moment, but first, I want people to realize where the exploding money supply is going. Also, how exploding deficits, soaring money supply is leading to the rise […]

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Daily Value of TSX Venture Trading Up MASSIVE – from $55 Million in 2020 to $248 Million in 2021 YTD

trading picks up on the TSX Venture in May

Despite May typically being a weaker month for the TSX Venture, trading statistics point to bullish activity. After falling to almost 900 in mid-May, the TSX Venture is rebounding – up huge in the past few weeks. Record metals prices and rising gold and silver prices are underscoring the move as investors rush back into […]

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Copper Price Peaking in 2021?

Featured image

Since the discovery of electromagnetism in 1821, every technological breakthrough has depended on electricity. Following the invention of computers and the internet, electricity has become to economic progress what oxygen is to the brain. In the digital world, everything relies on electricity. And today, by far the most widely used material to conduct electricity is […]

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The Cinderella of Metals

Almost 60 years ago now, the United States enacted the first automobile emissions standards the world had ever seen. Mainly concerned about smog in Los Angeles, regulators set thresholds intended to limit the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere by automobiles. Year after year, the thresholds increased, targeted pollutants expanded, and governments worldwide began […]

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Consumer Data: The Newest Asset Class

ocean protocol may usher in a new era of data democratization

Seven years ago, just before assuming her role as SVP of retail at Apple, Angela Ahrendts predicted that: “Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses them strategically will win.” Fast forward to now, years after witnessing the success of many […]

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Canada Braces for Higher Inflation as Prices Soar

Canada flirts with highest inflation rate in generations

The foundation of Canada’s economy is based on a few key aspects, two of which are an abundance of natural resources, and an abundance of debt… In the name of the pandemic, governments worldwide are piling on debt at astonishing rates. However, no G20 country is doing it as fast as Canada (per capita). In […]

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The Greatest Threat to Our Wealth

A few weeks ago, we argued that retiring Baby Boomers and record-high debt levels are two significant threats to the global economy. However, there is a third threat that was once believed to be impossible, yet it is now looming: population decline. Over time, two factors determine the cost of all goods and services: Supply-demand […]

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