Savings Rate Nears 65-Year Low, Signalling Pivot on Horizon

Fed pivot is coming as the savings rate hits bottom

The savings rate in the United States is just 0.1% above its all-time low going back to 1959! In yet another significant drop, the savings rate reached just 2.3% in October. While that represents the lowest rate since 2005, it is only 0.1% above the lowest rate recorded in the past 63 years! If the […]

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Ghana Chooses Gold, Not Dollars in Fight to Survive

Ghana wants to use its gold to pay for oil and other essentials the country needs to function. And it is hard to blame them. However, by converting the Ghanaian Cedi‘s local currency into U.S. Dollars and then buying what they need, the country’s foreign currency reserves are being depleted. Furthermore, U.S. dollar strength or […]

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10 Million More Americans Enter Poverty Between 2019 and 2021

poverty rate continues to increase in the U.S.

Rising inflation and interest rates are driving millions of Americans, once middle-class citizens, into the chains of poverty. The poverty rate in America and countries worldwide are soaring, and almost no one is talking about it. The signs are all around us: record high food bank usage, climbing foreclosures (lenders started foreclosures on 67,249 U.S. […]

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Venture Capital Funding Drops 52% in Q3, 2022 Year over Year

venture capital funding continues to decline rapidly

After the unbridled exuberance of 2021, which saw the crypto sphere top $3 trillion in total valuation and record VC activity (+$200 billion), money is suddenly hard to come by. Moreover, today inflation and economic weakness are destroying balance sheets and investors’ psyches. So after the biggest year ever (2021), venture capital funding is in […]

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Canada Has Too Many Puppies and Not Enough Babies

global birth rate continues to fall

As the global birth rate plunges lower, many in the West, particularly North Americans, are opting for friendly canines to fill the void… While no one factor is responsible for the dramatic decline in births and increase in pet ownership, Alex and Aaron believe they know some of the key drivers behind this dangerous phenomenon. […]

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Volcanoes, Gold, Corruption, and Greed

Nicaragua gold is at the heart of recent sanctions by US

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the small Central American nation of Nicaragua has experienced political turmoil for nearly two hundred years. Whether at the hands of American mercenaries of war in the 1850s, the U.S. marines from 1912 to 1933, or the US-backed Somoza Dynasty, which lasted from 1936 to 1979, […]

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Can Anything Stop Lithium’s Rise?

There is a great expression, “Nothing fails like success,” by Robin Sharma – one of the world’s top leadership experts, that reminds me of the lithium market right now. If lithium’s price and demand continue to soar, the silvery-white metal may price itself out of the game. The lithium price continues to hit record-highs week […]

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Investors Bet on Fed Pivot as Commodities Explode

commodities surge as US dollar finally falls

Just days after the Fed hiked rates another 75 basis points sending gold and most hard assets lower, metals are on fire. Silver is up nearly 7%, crude oil over 4%, and gold over 3% – a massive move for the metal. Copper was another colossal winner, up over 8% on the day. So, why […]

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Amazing Finish to October’s Contest!

What a whirlwind. There is no easy way to describe the markets these days… Gold continues to fade away, declining for the 7th consecutive month – its worst losing streak in 40 years, while the Dow just put up its best month since 1976! As is always the case, no matter if we’re in a […]

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Capital Flows Tell the Real Story

Investors would be wise to watch the capital flows for all the market technicals, and countless metrics traders pour over. The simple statistic shows where investors and countries are moving their money. Capital flows between countries show which currencies are experiencing an inflow or increased demand and which are experiencing an outflow or decreased demand. […]

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