What Now For Canada’s Cannabis Sector?

canada's cannabis sector

To begin, familiarize yourself with the chart below.   That’s the Canadian Marijuana Index, the performance tracker for Canada’s cannabis sector. Eleven constituents make up the index today, including many of the largest cannabis companies in the country, from Canopy Growth to Tilray. Now, look at the American equivalent over the same period…   One […]

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Can Cannabis or Gold Save Canada’s Junior Stock Market in September?

inflation data despite staying elevated is hurting gold

The total volume of shares traded and financing activity on the TSX Venture recorded a steep decline month over month in July 2021. While par for the course in July, many wonder what will bring liquidity back to the table in September. With gold battered on the backs of weak, albeit still 13-year high inflation […]

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Change is in the Air

Drone Volume

In the name of “the common good” skeptics disseminate all sorts of fears, including the fear of an unemployment tsunami were jobs to be lost to artificial intelligence. But is this justified? Is it in fact true that disruptive technology is the grim reaper of the labour market? It depends. And you shouldn’t be scared […]

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Member ‘SuzannaMiller’ Dominates in July’s Stock Challenge

SusanneMiller Champion

With July’s Stock Challenge now officially behind us, it’s time to crown another champion! Despite one of the worst-performing months in recent Stock Challenge history, member ‘SuzannaMiller’ managed to navigate to the top of the leaderboard and seal an impressive win with a return of 132.49% – absolutely crushing the competition! Congratulations on choosing July’s […]

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The Reason Weed Stocks May Be Bottoming Out

cannabis retail sales continue to rise in Canada

The summer doldrums have brought leading cannabis companies to their knees. What began following the peak in early February turned into half a year of declining values for cannabis stocks. But, as we’ve seen time and again, this market can turn on a dime and surprise even the most pessimistic investor. At least in Canada […]

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The Current Market Opportunity In Junior Gold

Gold Prices bottoming out?

Is the current price of gold presenting an opportunity within the junior mining space? In August 2020, the price of gold reached an all-time high of ~US$2,067 per ounce. Since then, the precious metal has been on a bit of a tilt but began to rebound around March of this year. Gold Spot Price 5-year […]

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Stock Challengers Feeling the Heat of a Harsh July

July 2021 mid month

The halfway point for this month’s Stock Challenge has arrived. July is proving to be a tough month for competitors. Less than 23% of this month’s Stock Challengers find themselves in positive territory — the lowest we’ve seen in 2021 thus far! A look at this month’s Stock Challenge Index (SCI) shows just how turbulent […]

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Is a Rebound on the Horizon for Canada’s Cannabis Sector?

Cannabis stocks

Legalization and social acceptance have been critical to the performance of the cannabis market. Over the last five years, the Canadian Marijuana Index (CMI) has enjoyed great bull markets, followed by some devastating bear markets. From a 52-week high of 559.70 in February, the CMI dropped to its current level of approximately 170 points. The […]

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King Dollar Crushes Spec Assets and Gold

US Dollar Surges

In a scene, we’ve witnessed time and again, the Fed came out and talked tough about raising rates sooner than forecast, and the dollar spiked. Why investors at large and the media still believe this is beyond me, but they do. And, the Fed is still at the helm of the world’s sole superpower and […]

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