BeWhere Holdings Inc. Partners With Fleet Hoster on Integrated M-IoT Solution

BeWhere Holdings announces the integration of its technology into Fleet Hoster's platform ...

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machine learning

Rise of the Machines

Machines via A.I. and IoT are taking over millions of ...

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Glance Technologies

Another CSE Tech Deal Takes Off

Glance Technologies targets online ...

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WiFi3 closes another deal

Edgewater Wireless | Still Closing Deals Amidst Dilution

Edgewater Wireless inks deal with Mediacom for WiFi3 ...

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online record blockchain

Blockchain Technology An “incorruptible digital ledger”

Blockchain could be the next investment fad on the TSX ...

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Quantum Numbers

Quantum Numbers Targets QRNG Market

Quantum Numbers employs cryptographic solutions... ...

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MGT Capital mines cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Miner MGT Capital Shoots Up 27%

MGT Capital set to mine cryptocurrencies including ...

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Mogo Finance

Mogo Finance Leading Canada’s Mobile Cashless Society

Mogo Finance Technology (TSX: MOGO) is the latest ‘Fintech’ company to break out on the TSX. While, focused on building the best digital banking experience in Canada, ...

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CO2 Solutions

CO2 Solutions Working to Cash In on Carbon Market

CO2 Solutions jumps 17% on half a million shares ...

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Celebrating 10 years of Pinnacle...