Canadians Are In Trouble

In January of 2023, inflation began to cool, and Canada’s top banker, Tiff Macklem, boasted that “it’s working” about higher interest rates… Eight months later, inflation remains stubbornly above target (2%), with July’s CPI coming in at 3.3%. Result: many Canadians are getting poorer. And, despite the Bank of Canada pausing on rates after pushing […]

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Auto Loan Debt Soars as Borrowing Costs Crush Consumers

auto loan defaults are on the rise as debt soars amidst higher interest rates

The days of free money and easy credit are over. And, for many in North America, this means soaring loan servicing costs. But, for Americans who often equate owning a car with freedom, they can’t help themselves. And, now, more than 100 million Americans own a car – but, along with that ‘ownership’ comes $1.5 […]

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Federal Deficit Soars 170% YoY – Higher Interest Payments to Blame

budget deficits continue to soar

The U.S. economy is not in a recession after all. It beat estimates growing at 2.4% in Q2 (April-June). While shocking to some, a glance at the robust labor market tells the story. There are still more jobs available than people willing to work them, and the rising cost of living is forcing many to […]

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Will the Lithium Triangle Power the Electric Car Revolution?

lithium triangle facing problems as water dries up

The lithium triangle in South America has long been a global leader in lithium production; however, with groundwater levels dropping, miners are facing pressure. The lithium sector as a whole is in a period of intense change. Rising supply and falling demand in China have lowered lithium prices from above $80,000 per ton to about […]

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IPO Financing Activity Down 93% Year-to-Date

venture markets continue to decline

As the dog days of summer roll on, we should remember the significance of the current downturn. While venture markets are speculative, risk assets by definition, the boom-bust nature of the exchange has become somewhat pronounced in recent quarters. I look at three specific metrics that give me a quick heat check of the performance […]

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U.S. Influence Continues to Wane in South America

Iran strengthens ties with South America nations

Iran is stepping out. Unafraid of Western Powers, Iran is strengthening ties with South America to shore up trading partners and secure vital natural resources. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently enjoyed a tour of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba – the first visit by an Iranian president to the region in over seven years. Our followers […]

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Copper and Zinc Prices Plummet Despite Supply Deficit

base metals prices decline amidst recession fears

We are all witnessing something rare. And that is when prices decline, even during a supply deficit. This is happening for base metals zinc and copper right now; amidst growing concern, the world is slipping into recession. As the U.S. economy rides disinflation into a recession and its resilient job market finally cracks, base metal […]

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One of the Greats is Rising Again in April!

ImmunoGen leads all stocks in May

After topping out at about 3.5%, the Stock Challenge Index has headed south, barely hanging onto positive gains as investors bail on speculative bets. But, one Stock Challenger saw a move coming and is well ahead! Longtime member ‘Lubie1953‘ is known for huge performances in our monthly Stock Challenge. So, it comes as little surprise […]

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