One of the Greats is Rising Again in April!

ImmunoGen leads all stocks in May

After topping out at about 3.5%, the Stock Challenge Index has headed south, barely hanging onto positive gains as investors bail on speculative bets. But, one Stock Challenger saw a move coming and is well ahead! Longtime member ‘Lubie1953‘ is known for huge performances in our monthly Stock Challenge. So, it comes as little surprise […]

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Debt Ceiling Showdown Symbolic of America’s Decline

U.S. dollar may be on the decline

The 2023 debt ceiling showdown is negatively impacting America‘s image (and perhaps influence) abroad. What’s more, a contraction in the money supply points to an impending recession for the country… Welcome to another Pinnacle Pod, where we venture deep into the heart of the high-stakes financial battlefield that is shaping the destiny of the global […]

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Mercury’s Black Market and the Real Cost of Inflation

artisanal mining

Black markets are all around us, even in Canada. Think about the marijuana industry that has completely collapsed due to competition from the black market. So, as inflation rises across the globe, investors are accumulating hard assets, and for many artisanal miners, the profits are too tempting to pass up. There are tens of millions […]

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Small Caps Wobble to End Month…

April Stock Challenge sees many small caps crushed in April

Market volatility continues in 2023, with April proving to be another up-and-down month. But, despite stocks being under pressure for much of the month, U.S. equities bounced back by posting their best day since January on April 27th. Small caps are down across the board as the April Stock Challenge Index tells a tale of […]

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America No Longer The Future?

US Dollar may face currency crisis in the coming years

For the first time in our lives, U.S. hegemony is truly on the brink… Gold, oil, and silver have recently surged in value as China, and its growing list of allies, disrupt the world order. The U.S. dollar and Americans’ standard of living may become the ultimate victims if the BRICS successfully launch their own […]

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Bellerophon Tops All Stocks in March with 340% Gain

March… what can we say? Another wild month for stocks. And the Stock Challenge Index tells the tale. Stock Challenge Index March 2023 Equities started the month hot, white hot, you might say, before collapsing in value due to numerous bank failures and fears of contagion in the U.S. and Europe. However, because of bank […]

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Global Copper Demand to Skyrocket… World Not Prepared

copper supply deficits

Aaron and Alex discuss why they believe global copper supply will likely fall drastically short of demand in the future. The rise of electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, and numerous infrastructure plans worldwide are all expected to increase copper demand dramatically. And with the long lead time to bring on new copper mines, supply seems […]

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Nat Gas Shines as Market Corrects

NGL Energy Parterns Benefits from higher nat gas prices

As freezing weather gripped parts of the United States this month, oil and gas wells were taken offline, sending natural gas prices to a 1-month high. For one lucky member, this meant Stock Challenge victory… and silver bullion. It was all smiles for member ‘FREDERICK w HACKENBURG,’ whose selection of NGL Energy Partners delivered a […]

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Money Velocity Is Spiking | Fastest 3-Quarter Increase Since 1994

For decades, the Federal Reserve got away with increasing the money supply to juice the economy. But, it was reliant on an undeniable fact: during this entire period, money velocity was in decline, excluding pauses or very brief minuscule rises. The factors responsible for the decline in money velocity are less important. Investors need to […]

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SHOCKING: Kids Mining Cobalt in Congo

Kids mining cobalt in the DRC

Many people driving around in EVs don’t realize cobalt is a vital part of lithium-ion batteries. Cobalt allows for the range, and durability consumers expect and need. For these reasons, cobalt may be one of the most sought-after metals on the planet today. Unlike lithium and other green metals such as copper and nickel, which […]

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