Market Collapses in November but Stock Challenge Champ Unfazed

We’ve arrived at the end of this month’s contest! Please give it up for member ‘Rodney Gibson’! Capitalizing on junior exploration company, Goff Corp’s, explosive run in the last week of the month, ‘Rodney Gibson’ blasted through the ranks and closed the month in top spot with an average yield of approximately 117.26% — almost […]

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Two Reasons the Fed Can’t Raise Interest Rates

The Fed Chair Jerome Powell was re-appointed to another four years of service on Monday. Yet, for some reason, gold and many inflation assets are tanking. Gold was off 1.5% today to $1,782 per ounce, while silver was down a whopping 3.75% to $23.33 per ounce. So why is the man whose policies took inflation […]

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The Inflation Option

Fed building

Inflation remains out of control both in Canada and the United States — forcing many to question whether (and when) our respective central banks will act. And, despite veiled threats and bold statements in the face of the inflation boom, we don’t expect the first rate hike anytime soon. For a moment, look beyond the […]

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Venture Momentum Continues

Only two weeks into the month and already a few tidbits of intel for the curious investor… The first and most evident takeaway is Lithium. Two of the top three leaders thus far have a lithium stock as one of their two picks. And, all but one of the handful of lithium stocks selected this […]

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Bitcoin Vulnerable as Double Top Spooks Market

Gareth Soloway talks Bitcoin and other digital assets

Gareth Soloway explains his theory on where Bitcoin is heading after breaking through its previous all-time highs. Soloway, the chief market strategist at, talks all things markets with Kitco. He begins the interview by warning investors, on Bitcoin stating: “Ultimately, I still believe that when a deleveraging event occurs in the stock market, you […]

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China’s Population Collapsing | Spain and Japan to Experience Halving by 2100

Birth rates are crashing, and population decline may be the determining factor of our economic lives in the 21st century. A bold statement, but the data I am about to share is shocking. The attitudes of academia and the youth today towards having families are unlike anything we’ve seen in human history. In The Greatest […]

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Bitcoin to Hit $2 Million Within 5 Years?

Lawrence Lepard believes Bitcoin is heading to $2 million

Gold is back above $1,800, and Bitcoin is holding firm above $60,000. The US Dollar index is down huge today, falling 0.44% to 93.39. Lawrence Lepard talks all things Bitcoin and gold at the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference. Lepard opens his talk with some basic principles and facts: “Sound money allows people to plan.” […]

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Why Can’t the Fed Fix the Velocity of Money?

With Tesla’s market cap clearing $1 trillion and US stocks hitting fresh record highs, I have proof that the majority of the middle and lower class are largely missing out on the current recovery. The answer is in the ever-declining velocity of money. Money Velocity Continues to Crater Despite Fed’s Best Efforts I’ve personally written […]

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Why Inflation is Good News for the Loonie

loonie stack and canadian flag

The loonie is on fire. And we owe it to one advantage Canada has (for now) over every other country on earth: her commodities. When referring to commodities, we mean reserves of raw materials, such as oil and natural gas, copper, iron ore, lumber, zinc, and gold. In recent months, while several of these commodities […]

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Getting Over Beijing

Winning in sports often comes down to a mental contest. Whoever can get into the opponent’s head typically wins. It’s an effective tactic because it distracts the opponent from the two reasons that should propel one to victory: Why am I fighting? And what am I fighting for? It isn’t always a premeditated strategy. Sometimes […]

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