Inflation Still Running Hot in Canada Above 3%

Inflation in Canada is continuing to run hot, despite falling from a 10-year high in May. The annual inflation rate came in at 3.1% in June, down from May’s blistering rise of 3.6%. Investors and consumers alike need to remember that rising inflation may be the greatest threat facing our economy. Gold was heating up […]

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The Reason Weed Stocks May Be Bottoming Out

cannabis retail sales continue to rise in Canada

The summer doldrums have brought leading cannabis companies to their knees. What began following the peak in early February turned into half a year of declining values for cannabis stocks. But, as we’ve seen time and again, this market can turn on a dime and surprise even the most pessimistic investor. At least in Canada […]

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Stock Challengers Feeling the Heat of a Harsh July

July 2021 mid month

The halfway point for this month’s Stock Challenge has arrived. July is proving to be a tough month for competitors. Less than 23% of this month’s Stock Challengers find themselves in positive territory — the lowest we’ve seen in 2021 thus far! A look at this month’s Stock Challenge Index (SCI) shows just how turbulent […]

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Breaking Down Cobalt’s New Rally

Some analysts are now warning of an impending supply shortage of cobalt. Strange, considering that only three years ago, the market was flooded with so much cobalt that the metal’s price plunged by about 70% between 2018 and 2019 — see the Trading Economics chart below for details. Cobalt Price 5-yr Chart (USD/tonne) However, note […]

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Is a Rebound on the Horizon for Canada’s Cannabis Sector?

Cannabis stocks

Legalization and social acceptance have been critical to the performance of the cannabis market. Over the last five years, the Canadian Marijuana Index (CMI) has enjoyed great bull markets, followed by some devastating bear markets. From a 52-week high of 559.70 in February, the CMI dropped to its current level of approximately 170 points. The […]

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Mining Abroad Is Getting Riskier

The “license to operate” has been – and continues to be – the biggest hurdle for mining and mineral exploration companies across the globe. The political instability of countries sitting on copious amounts of high-grade resources has led to the frustration and/or abrupt cessation of several mining projects. Cumulatively, mining companies have lost billions of […]

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TSX Venture Valuations Top $100 Billion – Up 99% YoY from 2020

Valuations on TSX Venture top $100 billion

While the summer doldrums have market liquidity moving lower, investors are still writing checks. Total financings raised on the TSX Venture in June managed to eclipse $1 billion bucking May’s decline. Significant as a sentiment gauge, this keeps the average monthly total of financings raised above $1 billion for the year. So far, in 2021, […]

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The Biggest Unapproved Tax Increase in Canadian History?

The pandemic has opened up a pandora’s box of social spending, unlike anything we’ve seen before. In the fiscal year 2020/21, the budget deficit totaled $314.00 billion, up from ‘just’ C$21.77 billion in the previous year. And, with the Liberals poised to win a majority this summer potentially, the future of deficit spending and the […]

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Rritual Superfoods Pioneers Plant-Based Collagen Boosters to Create “Beauty from Within”

Rritual Superfoods Inc. (“Rritual” or the “Company”) (CSE: RSF) (FSE: 0RW) (OTC: RRSFF) is pleased to announce that the Company’s Product Innovation and Research team has completed testing on the first of its new superfood mushroom latte blend formulations, incorporating plant-based collagen enhancers as a key market differentiator. In the fall of 2021, Rritual will be introducing two new […]

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